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Tong Liya's son is facing straight. Tong Liya and her son are on the stage hand in hand

Tong Liya's performance in the dance drama is very wonderful. She uses dance to express her love for her hometown. She wears multiple sets of national costumes and dances with the music on the stage. The dance is light and simple, as if at her fingertips. She looks like a fairy left in the world. When she returns to the dance stage again, she attracts her eyes wherever she goes.

On November 12, some netizens found that Tong Liya ended the curtain call with her son after the performance. Duo Duo ran to the center of the stage to find her mother. It can be seen from the picture that Duo Duo was wearing national costumes, with meat on her face. She was very cute and cute, and he didn't have stage fright at all. Tong Liya looked back to hold her son's hand, looked at her child with a smile, and showed a strong maternal love in her eyes.

Seeing that my mother bowed deeply to the audience, and flowers bowed together, I was very sensible. Although the picture was vague, my face and facial features looked very much like my father Chen Sicheng. Chen Sicheng should be happy to blossom. With such a beautiful and talented wife and such a handsome and lovely son, life is perfect.

That night's Yaya was the most beautiful focus of the audience. As a mother and wife, one of the most important moments in life, the most hope is the most important people to support. Yaya couldn't close her mouth when she looked at such a lovely son. Now it seems that Tong Liya has completely forgiven Chen Sicheng, and Chen Sicheng brought his son to watch Tong Liya's performance, which is also supporting his wife. The three members of the family are happy.

Chen Sicheng showed the image of a good father this time. It can be seen that he has a close relationship with his son on weekdays. Everyone hopes that Chen Sicheng can cherish Tong Liya. She is so excellent and beautiful. She is a goddess in the eyes of others. But this time I didn't see the picture of their family with the same frame. Many netizens felt some regret, but the prodigal son didn't change his money and wished them happiness.