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Guo Xiaoyun's online shop owner sincerely apologized for the plagiarism

Guo Xiaoyun's online shop owner sincerely apologized for the plagiarism

Last night, for the issue of 'copying other people's store information', Xiaobu, the person in charge of guoxiaoyun flagship store, issued an apology announcement, saying that he sincerely apologized to the party concerned. If this incident caused economic losses to the party concerned, guoxiaoyun was willing to compensate.

In addition, Xiaobu, head of guoxiaoyun flagship store, also said that all products have been removed from the store. This incident has seriously affected my family and my life, so my family has trouble sleeping and eating. At present, I just want to calm things down and return to normal life. Orders that have been placed successfully will be issued one after another.

Previously, pear video reported that for the issue of 'copying other people's information', brother Xiaobu responded that the store information is set by a third-party software and is trying to negotiate with the opposite businesses.

On November 1, Guo Xiaoyun's flagship store set the 26 yuan 4500 gram navel orange as 26 yuan 4500 kg due to operational errors, which was collected tens of thousands of orders by a up owner of station B and his fans, resulting in the direct bankruptcy of the store.

In response, Taobao responded that it had 'protected' the store for the first time after discovering the abnormal situation, so as to avoid greater losses. At the same time, we have also contacted the shopkeeper and will minimize the losses of all parties as far as possible if allowed by laws and rules.

The subsequent events not only did not subside, but also continued to ferment.

On November 10, some netizens said that Guo Xiaoyun copied the commodity pictures and settings of navel orange in his store, and the contact information left in the commodity details page was also his private number. The owner who was plagiarized said: 'why did he plagiarize the pictures and parameters of my product, what was his purpose, and why did he publish my mobile phone number? My cell phone number was blown up. "

On the evening of the 13th, a recording of a suspected 'Guo Xiaoyun' calling the plagiarized shopkeeper was exposed. In the recording, 'Guo Xiaoyun' admitted plagiarism and expressed his willingness to make economic compensation to the plagiarized. In addition, 'guoxiaoyun' also admitted that it delivered goods through the fruit supply chain and did not plant it in person.