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What's the matter with Yangdi trumpet? I sent a response

Recently, some netizens broke the news that Yang Di used a trumpet to fight Wang Yibo CP powder 'Bojun Yixiao'. The news also surprised the audience and fans.

Yang Di was also very puzzled when he knew about it. He saw that he was on hot search as soon as he got off the plane. He asked on his microblog: what happened when he just got off the plane? I don't have a trumpet. I really don't know. I asked with pure curiosity. The girl who forwarded the microblog is a fan I often interact with. She is the kind of fan who helps me at the door of the TV station. I don't have many die-hard fans. I don't have to cut a trumpet for interaction, and I don't have a trumpet! Let's eat the wrong melon. Sorry, let's go!

It seems that Yang Di doesn't have a trumpet at all. It's also an Oolong event to say that he took Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo CP.