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China moves to Thailand to buy a house. What is the house price in Thailand

700000 can't buy a toilet in the center of Beijing, China, but you can buy an apartment with fine decoration and bags in Bangkok. More and more Chinese are moving to Thailand to buy a house. What are the benefits of buying a house in Thailand?

Why did Chen Fang (a pseudonym) buy a house in Thailand? Sunshine beach, simple folk customs and comfortable life are the main factors that attract Chen Fang (a pseudonym) to buy a house for the elderly in Bangkok. " The house price in Beijing is too expensive. 700000 yuan can't even buy a toilet in the city center, but you can buy an apartment with fine decoration and bag in Bangkok. Not only that, the cost of living in Thailand is also very low.

Two years ago, she often traveled to and from Bangkok for work reasons. Attracted by the local living environment, she decided to buy an apartment with a practical area of 27 square meters for 700000 yuan in the center of Bangkok. Last year, she successively invested in two apartments in Bangkok, one with a practical area of 39 square meters, located in the CBD center of Bangkok, with a price of 6.5 million baht; Another 30 square meter apartment adjacent to on nut air railway station, priced at 5 million baht.

According to Thai law, foreigners over the age of 50 can apply for pension visas to stay in Thailand for a long time. High quality medical services and affordable prices have also strengthened Chen Fang's determination to provide for the aged in Thailand. She recalled that last winter, her husband went to the local high-end private hospital because of dizziness. After a round of detailed examination, she received a bill of only 200 yuan.