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177 African swine fever cases and 97 deaths in Tengchong, Yunnan

The Information Office of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas released on November 13 that an African swine plague occurred in Tengchong City, Yunnan Province.

On November 13, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas received a report from China animal disease prevention and control center, which confirmed that an African pig plague occurred in a farmer in Jietou Town, Tengchong city. At the time of the outbreak, the farmer kept 261 pigs, 177 were sick and 97 died.

After the outbreak, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas immediately sent a steering group to the local area to carry out epidemic disposal supervision and epidemiological investigation. The local government has started the emergency response mechanism as required, taken measures such as blockade, culling, harmless treatment and disinfection, and culled the remaining live pigs in the epidemic area, and culled the live pigs and all dead pigs for harmless treatment. At the same time, all pigs and their products are prohibited from being transferred out of the blockade area, and pigs are prohibited from being transported into the blockade area. At present, the above measures have been implemented.