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What is the black jelly in burning fairy grass? It's not Guiling cream

When you drink shaoxiancao milk tea, you must have a question, that is, what is the black block like jelly inside? Some people say it's Guiling cream, which is wrong. In fact, it's black jelly.

Black jelly is made of natural herb Xiancao (liangfencao) and refined with advanced technology. It has the inherent fragrance and cooling nature of Xiancao. It is a pure natural black food with traditional flavor. The main agent of black jelly is made of natural Xiancao polysaccharide as the main raw material. The ice glue produced is brown, soft solid, smooth in taste, with special texture, chewing feeling and unique natural fragrance.

Black jelly ice glue can not only clear away heat and dampness, cool blood and relieve heat, but also beautifying, nourishing, refreshing and detoxifying. It has therapeutic effects on arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, heatstroke and colds. Rich in pectin and cellulose, it is a cool green food suitable for all ages, family and tourism.

What is black jelly? What is black jelly made of? What effect does it have

Efficacy of black jelly:

1. Black jelly is most suitable for people to use in summer. It can clear away heat and detoxify and prevent heatstroke, because its main raw material, jelly grass, is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that can prevent heatstroke. It can remove heat toxin in human body, cool blood and detoxify, and can significantly alleviate human heatstroke symptoms.

2, people usually eat some black jelly powder, but also prevent hyperglycemia, because natural gelatin contained in black jelly can speed up the metabolism of carbohydrate in the body, also can inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates, it can also regulate endocrine, and can make the body's blood sugar in a stable and normal state. Regular consumption can not only prevent hyperglycemia, but also prevent diabetes.

3. Black jelly is also a unique ingredient that can benefit water and reduce swelling. The nutrients contained in this food can improve human renal function, prevent nephritis, accelerate water metabolism in the body and prevent excess water from staying in the human body. Usually, when people have diseases such as body edema, ascites and jaundice, eating more black jelly can reduce the symptoms of the disease as soon as possible.

4. Black jelly can not only clear away heat and detoxification, but also astringe and stop diarrhea. It can eliminate a variety of inflammation and viruses in the intestine, prevent and alleviate human diarrhea. Usually, when people have enteritis and dysentery, eating more black jelly can play an important role in adjuvant treatment. In addition, when people have high blood pressure or muscle pain and joint swelling and pain, eating more black jelly is also good for the recovery of the disease.