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What time is moisturizing spray used? How often is moisturizing spray used?

Winter is coming, the weather is cold and dry, and many people have the problem of dry skin. The opening of indoor air conditioning or heating accelerates the water loss of the skin. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to the moisturizing and water locking of the skin at this time. Moisturizing spray is an essential product for skin replenishment. What time is moisturizing spray used? How often? Let's take a look at this article.

What time is moisturizing spray used?

Moisturizing spray usage: Office replenishment

Modern office workers stay in air-conditioned rooms all day, coupled with computer radiation, their skin is easy to dry and lack of water. A bottle of moisturizing spray is essential at this time. When you feel dry, take it up and spray it.

la Also have to pay attention to the time should not be too long, about five minutes is enough, so that the mask dry paper instead of the moisture on the face.

Moisturizing spray: Moisturizing Mask

In addition to being directly sprayed on the face, moisturizing spray can also be used as a mask. The effect of replenishing water is very good. After washing your face, spray the moisturizing spray into the lid, then put a mask paper into the lid and let the mask paper absorb the spray. If you are not enough, you can spray some of them on the mask paper. Note that the mask paper should be wetted enough, and then apply it to your face on OK.

Usage of moisturizing spray: before makeup

Another use of spray is to use makeup before makeup so that makeup can be more obedient. Before making up makeup, spray it on the face with a spray. After a moment, it will be pressed lightly with facial tissue. Then makeup can be done. This method can effectively avoid making up because the face is too dry.

Usage of moisturizing spray: sedation after sunburn

The temperature of the skin exposed to the sun will rise and even turn red. At this time, moisturizing spray can be used to cool the skin, relieve skin discomfort, and play a sedative and relaxing role. If there are conditions, you can first put moisturizing spray on ice ice ice, the effect will be better!

Usage of moisturizing spray: use when making mud film

In summer, we always do some mud film to deeply clean the skin. Mud film is easy to dry. If the application time is too short, I'm afraid it will have no effect. If the application time is too long, I'm afraid it will hurt the skin and form wrinkles. So this time, moisturizing spray can come in handy. When making mud film, if the time has not yet arrived, but the mud film feels Le has been dried up, then spray a spray moisturizing spray to keep the mud film moist.

How to use moisturizing spray?

Use of moisturizing spray

1. Use after make-up

Spray can also be used after makeup to help fix makeup and increase skin wetness. If you can easily wear makeup, float makeup, or feel dry skin, you can use the spray at this time. Spray the spray on the makeup face, stay for 1-2 two minutes, and then use the tissue to gently press off the excess moisture.

2. Use after sun exposure

Moisturizing spray has another function: calm and soothe the skin. Therefore, it can be used as a first-aid product after sunburn. Note that it can be used only after the skin temperature after exposure to the sun cools down. Because the skin temperature after sun is very high, if the spray is used immediately, the skin temperature difference will change too fast and too much, which will cause damage to the skin.

3. Use when the face is short of water

The most basic function of spray is moisturizing and replenishing water. When it feels dry, it can be used at any time. Especially for the office workers who stay in the air-conditioned room and face computer for a long time, the skin is more vulnerable to water shortage. Moisturizing spray is also very particular: face should be slightly lifted, and then evenly sprinkled 12-30 cm from the face. Let the spray stay on the face for about 2-3 minutes. You can also use your hands to flap lightly to help absorb, and then wipe the excess moisture on your face with tissue.

4. Spray mask.

The effect of spray mask is better than that of direct spray and absorbance is higher. Spray the spray evenly on the paper film until the film is completely wet, then spread the paper film on the face, remove it after 5-10 minutes, and gently flap the face with hands to help and absorb. Note that the paper film should not stay on the face for too long, otherwise the paper film will suck water from the skin after it is dried, and the skin will be drier. There is still a little moisture in the paper film, which can be applied to the neck, hands and other places.

How often do you spray moisturizers?

If you stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time in summer, your skin will become very dry and tight. If you already have this feeling, your skin is already in a state of water shortage. It is suggested that workers carry a bottle of moisturizing spray to the skin even if they are hydrating. How do they use moisturizing spray?

Step 1: Spray

Spray 15-20 centimeters from the face, slightly upward, as far as possible to undertake the most moisture.

Step 2: shoot

Like playing the piano, tap the whole face with your finger pulp to help absorb water into your skin.

Step 3: wipe

If there is still a small amount that cannot be absorbed, wipe the remaining water gently with tissue paper to avoid natural air drying.

Why do I need to dry after spraying?

Hot spring water spray, after 20 seconds or so is to dry with paper towel, otherwise it will take away the moisture on the face, make the skin more dry. Because the hot spring water is generally hypotonic and cannot be completely absorbed by the skin, the residual water on the face will accelerate the loss of water from the skin.

Do you use makeup spray after makeup to wear makeup?

can't. After makeup, moisturizing spray is used to fix makeup and increase skin wetness. However, when choosing moisturizing spray, it is necessary to use the small and dense spray of water droplets. If you spray large drops, it will backfire.