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How likely is the Chinese men's football team to win against Syria

At 10:00 PM Beijing time (6:00 pm local time), the Chinese men's football team will meet the Syrian team at the Maktoum stadium in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is the fourth game of the top 40 national football team and the most critical one. If the national football team is unbeaten, there will be a chance to compete for the first place in the group in the second stage of the top 40 next year. Once lost, the national football team can only rank second in the group, and the qualifying situation becomes subtle.

The national football team should first resolve the left back crisis

According to the latest FIFA world ranking, the Chinese men's football team ranks 69th and 8th among Asian teams. Syria ranks 83rd and 10th in Asia. On the surface, there is little gap between the two sides. In the first three games of this year's top 40, Syria won completely and accumulated 9 points, surpassing the national football team with only 7 points and ranking first in the group. Although Syria has lost its home advantage and recently it has been reported that the camp is full of wounded soldiers, their tough style still attaches great importance to the national football team. After two stages of intensive training and preparation in Guangzhou and Sharjah, the national football team conducted the last pre war training between China and Syria at marktum Stadium last night. Although the turf conditions of the competition venue are not as good as those in China, this can not be the main factor affecting the national football. Lippi believes that the main factor determining the result of the game is his mentality and desire to win. Although the list of 23 players has not been announced, it is certain that the left back Li Lei is unable to play. In Lippi's top 40 game preparation system, Li Lei was originally the main candidate for left back. However, Li Lei was absent due to injury in the two games against Guam and the Philippines in October, and Lippi used three players in this position. Li Lei had recovered from his injury when he went to the United Arab Emirates this time. Lippi also let him into the main team in an internal teaching game three days ago. But unfortunately, Li Lei's back chase in the practice match caused a muscle strain in his left thigh, which is certainly unable to play in the war between China and Syria. Zhang Linpeng is also injured. Lippi said that he will make a final evaluation this morning. In the war between China and Syria, the defense system of the national football team is very important. After all, the opponent's impact is very strong, and the left side of the Chinese football team is likely to become the key direction of the opponent's blasting. Under Lippi's command, Zheng Zheng and Liu Yang, two defenders from Luneng, are qualified for the position of left back. They both played in the last game away from the Philippines. In contrast, Lippi may trust Liu Yang's spirit more in this game. After all, he also played the main force in this position in the Asian Cup at the beginning of this year. In other positions, Lippi will basically consider using the main team to play in the Philippines. It is worth paying attention to whether Lippi will continue to use the Trident combination of Exxon, Yang Xu and Wu Lei? Wei Shihao has been in good training recently. Will Lippi reuse him and let Exxon return to the center from the winger? Will Lippi even change the formation of 442 and let Exxon and Wu Lei partner with double arrows? These question marks will not be answered until the actual battle tonight.

Syrian public opinion lists five advantages of 'winning'

Although the time for the Syrian team to arrive in Dubai for preparation is not as long as that of the national football team, their coach Ibrahim is full of confidence in defeating the national football team.

Syrian domestic media even listed five advantages that China and Syria will win in the war: Syrian players have been playing games recently, and their physical condition is better than that of the national football team; Syria has stronger fighting spirit; Players are willing to work hard for fans; Syrian players are more capable than the national football team; The whole country in Syria will support the team. From the list of 23 people previously announced in Syria, they do have many key players who participated in the first three rounds of the game. However, former Asian footballer jerabin returned to Syria.

Of course, the Syrian media have no idea how much he has recovered and whether he can start in the first world war against the national football team. However, it is not herribin who can pose a greater threat to the national football team in Syria, but soma, a powerful center 1.92 meters tall. Soma has scored seven goals in three top 40 games in Syria and has temporarily become the top scorer in the top 40 games in the whole Asian region. It is worth paying attention to whether the national football centre back can limit soma. Referee Kim Tae Jung from South Korea will enforce the law of the national football team's trip to Syria, and the law will be enforced by referees from the same East Asian region. Perhaps the national football team will have a psychological advantage.

23 years ago, the national football team beat its opponents with three goals

China and Syria have played 12 times in history, including 8 times after 1996. The Chinese men's football team has won 3 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. It is worth noting that since 2009, the national football team has only achieved 2 draws and 2 losses against Syria in the Asian Cup qualifiers and World Cup qualifiers. In other words, we have not won Syria in the intercontinental Championship for 10 years. The last time the national football team beat Syria in the intercontinental competition dates back to the 1996 Asian Cup. In the Asian Cup group match also held in the UAE that year, Qi wusheng led the A-A golden generation international to beat Syria 3-0. In that game, the national football team defeated its opponents with three distinctive goals with Ma Mingyu's long-range shot, Gao Feng's surprise attack and Li Bing's header. Former international Peng Weiguo, who participated in the 3-0 victory over Syria, said that they had obvious advantages over Syria in terms of personal ability and overall strength, so they had to win the game at that time.

"Syria has always been known for its tough play. Now they have emerged several Asian stars, so their strength must be stronger than that in the past. Now no team in Asia can easily beat them." Peng Weiguo analyzed, 'the Syrian team will certainly rush ahead. If we can withstand the first half, the result will not be bad. In addition to a good defensive strategy, the national football team must also be active in attack. Exxon's ability to fight won't be afraid of each other. Wu Lei has just returned from La Liga. His state will directly affect the scoring efficiency of the national football team. I think the mentality and strategic objectives of the whole team should be unified. First, they should not be afraid of their opponents, and second, they can accept a draw. "