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What are the hazards of nail polish? The harm of inferior nail polish is even more serious.

Manicure manicure love manicure for many women. To make their hands look prettier, many girls love to make nail polish at nail shop or nail polish. Nail polish is very bad. Many people know that, but what hazards do nail varnish have is probably not very well known to most people. This article will bring you the hazards of nail polish and the harm of poor nail polish.

what harm does nail polish do?

1. The nail color becomes yellow and dull

Nail polish contains a large amount of pigment, including various mineral pigments and synthetic pigments. If you use nail polish regularly, these pigments will slowly stick to your nails, which will cause the nails to become darker and shiny.

2. Nail edge inflammation and barb

If you use the manicure tools to sterilize thoroughly, it will indirectly cause fungal infection between nails. And the chemical solvents in nail polish will also stimulate the skin around nails, causing hardened keratinocytes, and prone to inflammation, dryness or barbed.

3. Stimulate the human nervous system

The quality of some nail polish is not good, and a large amount of acetone and ethyl acetate are added. These two components are highly volatile, easy to produce dizzy irritating odour and strong irritation to the human nervous system.

4. Obstruct normal breathing of nails

Regular use of nail polish will hinder the normal breathing of nails, making nails become thinner and more brittle, easy to break and grow slowly.

Hazards of poor Nail Polish

1: Easy to cause paronychia

The new supersedes the old. The bad nail polish is often applied to the fingernail. It can not breathe and can not carry out normal metabolism. The bacteria will take advantage of this opportunity to enter the lower nail layer. Soon after that, ten nails will feel the swelling and pain.

2: Cause endocrine disorders

The general nail polish ingredients are made up of two categories, one is solid components, the other is mainly pigments and flashing substances. One is the solvent composition of liquid, mainly including acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate, formaldehyde, etc. These ingredients will appear inadvertently on endocrine, especially pregnant women are best not to use nail polish.

3: May cause cancer

In cosmetics, nail polish has the highest content of o-benzoic acid two, and o-phenyl two formate is a kind of chemicals that can soften. It is widely used in toys, food packaging materials, medical blood bags and hose, vinyl floor and wallpaper, cleaners, lubricants, personal care products, such as nail polish, hair spray, soap and shampoo and hundreds of other products. It is introduced into the human body through the respiratory system and skin, and may cause cancer seriously.