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Ingredients and procedures of authentic Xiancao milk tea

Shaoxiancao is a very classic variety of milk tea. It is loved by many young people because of its rich materials and mellow taste. What ingredients are used in shaoxiancao milk tea and how are they made? Let's introduce the most authentic method of burning Xiancao milk tea:

Soak the red beans for 4 hours, put them into the pressure cooker, add brown sugar and rock sugar before adding water, and block them according to the porridge. Turn off the fire immediately after the pressure valve is jacked up. Dry the soup several times.

Put the beans with good honey in the fresh-keeping box and put them in the refrigerator for cold storage.

Take 12g of fairy grass powder and put it into a basin. Add two tablespoons of cold boiled water to make it into a thin paste. Add 400g to 500g of boiling boiled water. Continue to cook over a medium and small fire until it boils. Turn off the fire immediately.

Put it in a fresh-keeping box, wait for it to cool naturally, put it in the refrigerator, and take out the cut pieces when eating.

Add water to the pot and add black tea. When the tea is thick, remove the tea with a leaky spoon, add an appropriate amount of fresh milk and soft white sugar, and boil again to become a fragrant milk tea.