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SpongeBob Octopus derivative play Octopus as the protagonist!

On November 14, according to foreign media reports, "SpongeBob" will launch a derivative animation project, which has not been determined whether it is a drama or a film. The project will take 'Octopus brother' as the protagonist and based on music elements. It is currently being developed by Netflix. In addition, there is no more relevant information. It is reported that the project is part of a new $200 million contract signed by Nickelodeon and Netflix. The two sides will cooperate to develop a number of film and television projects. Currently, Nickelodeon declined to comment on the message.

Brother octopus is a big nose octopus. He thinks SpongeBob and paidaxing are naive, but they are very kind and have a sense of justice. He is quite narcissistic and has a certain artistic talent, but he has never been appreciated and has a persistent pursuit of art. Brother Octopus lives in a house imitating the figure of Easter Island and serves as the counter staff of 'crab Castle King restaurant', but he doesn't like his work and hopes to become a world-famous artist. He hates SpongeBob and pie star, but he will help SpongeBob when he is in trouble. He is a role that people can't hate.