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The world's most expensive watch came out with a transaction price of 220 million

The world's most expensive watch came out with a transaction price of 220 million

On November 9, the 2019 only watch auction was held in Geneva. A Patek Philippe grandmaster chime Ref. 6300A ultra complex watch was finally sold for 31 million Swiss francs, which not only broke the transaction price record of only watch, but also became the most expensive watch in the world.

Grandmaster chime was born in 2014. It is the most complex wrist watch of Patek Philippe. It is equipped with 20 complex functions, such as three asking time, big and small self ringing, perpetual calendar, lunar phase, dual time zone, alarm clock, day and night indication, dynamic storage indication and so on. The only work in this auction is the only steel case grandmaster chime. The salmon color dial is also a unique design.

Starting from 5 million Swiss francs, the price of the watch quickly soared to 20 million Swiss francs. After fierce bidding, an Asian collector finally won with a bid of 31 million Swiss francs. So far, the grandmaster chime has become the most expensive watch in history, and Patek Philippe has won the only watch auction price champion for three consecutive years.

Previously, the holder of the title of "most expensive watch" was a Rolex Daytona once belonging to Paul Newman, which was auctioned for us $17.75 million (about 17.62 million Swiss francs) in October 2017. Predictably, it is difficult for other watches to break Patek Philippe's record in a few years.

This year, only watch auctioned the only works specially provided by 50 watch factories, with a total turnover (including commission) of 38.593 million Swiss francs, up to 3.5 times that in 2017, which is the highest turnover watch auction in history. Except grandmaster chime, the average price of the other 49 watches is 155000 Swiss francs.