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Can milk tea be drunk every day? What harm does long-term and milk tea do to the body

Although milk tea is delicious and delicious, it is not a drink that can be drunk every day, because it has many side effects on the body, such as the following four kinds. Here is a detailed introduction to the harm of milk tea for your reference:

1. Easily lead to obesity

Statistics have shown that drinking a lot of milk tea for more than three months will increase blood fat and cholesterol. Because these milk teas sold on the market are composed of milk essence, and milk essence is mostly made of coconut oil. It is easy to get fat after drinking too much, and fat is easy to accumulate on the stomach, forming a medium and wide body shape.

2. It will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

Because milk tea contains more sugar, many fatty acids and some trans fatty acids, these substances will increase the content of human cholesterol. Too much cholesterol in human body will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Increase the risk of cancer

Because milk tea is for preservation, some preservatives will be added when making it, and some preservatives are harmful to our human body and may cause cancer. For example, a preservative called Hexadienoic acid is a carcinogen. In addition, creamer contains a chemical substance called end of vegetable fat, which contains harmful substances such as lead and copper. Long term intake can increase the risk of cancer, coronary heart disease, tumor, asthma and other diseases, and children's intelligence will be affected.

4. Affect sperm motility

Milk tea contains a lot of creamer, and the main component of creamer is hydrogenated vegetable oil. This vegetable oil is a kind of fatty acid, which will reduce the secretion of male hormones, affect the vitality of sperm, greatly reduce the quality of sperm, and have a great impact on the activity of sperm. Therefore, men of childbearing age should not drink milk tea.