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Is the heat of milk tea high? How many kcal is the heat of a cup of milk tea

Basically, we all know that drinking milk tea is the natural enemy of weight loss, but what is the heat of a cup of milk tea and what is the specific number? Let's find out!

A quarter cup of pearl milk tea contains 136 calories, which is from the USDA National Nutrition database. Although cassava powder balls contain no sugar or only a small amount of sugar, each 1 / 4 cup of pearl milk tea contains 1g sugar. The pearl itself is rich in carbohydrates and basically has no other nutrients. 88% of the weight of 100g pearl comes from carbohydrates, but the content of digested cellulose and protein is only 1g.

A cup of 750ml milk tea contains 99g sugar, which is equivalent to nearly 20 packets of sugar by converting a small packet of 5g white granulated sugar in an ordinary restaurant!

If the milk tea is made of milk and skimmed milk is selected, the calorie per 100g of milk is 35 kcal, and the calorie per 100g of tea without sugar is 1 kcal. Although fruit particles have high calories, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. If you choose cream, whole milk and fruit syrup, you will add another 300 calories per serving. From this, we can clearly see that the calories of a cup of milk tea are very high. Friends who want to lose weight must carefully consider it.