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Where to travel in November? Introduction to the 10 most beautiful tourist cities in early winter

November has just entered the early winter, and the weather is not too cold. It is a good time to travel in leisure time. Here are 10 scenic spots suitable for November tourism for your reference:

1、 Suzhou Tianping mountain scenic spot

As one of the four major Maple appreciation resorts in China, Tianping mountain has a long history, tall plants and gorgeous colors. It has the reputation of "Tianping red maple is the best in the world". Since the middle and late November, maple leaves have suffered uneven cold due to the special local terrain. The wonders of the coexistence of light yellow, golden yellow, orange, orange red and crimson can be seen in a tree, which skillfully contributed to a natural beauty and brightened the eyes. In addition to enjoying the maple, Qingquan and strange stones, Fan Zhongyan's footprints and so on are also the most famous landscapes of Tianping mountain. It's fun to play together.

Transportation: get off at Mudu station of Suzhou Metro Line 1, transfer to No. 4 and you No. 4 long lines, and get off at tianpingshan station; Mudu ancient town can take bus 315 and 662 to tianpingshan station.

Admission: 30 yuan

Recommended delicacies: steamed white silk fish, fried fish noodles, squirrel mandarin fish, Xiangyou eel paste, Yangcheng Lake hairy crab, sugar porridge, raw frying, Soviet style cakes, Soviet style preserves, etc.

2、 Hailuogou, Sichuan

Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park

At the foot of Gongga Mountain, a very high mountain on the eastern edge of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the charming Hailuo Valley is famous for its low-altitude modern glaciers. Since October, Hailuogou has gradually shown beautiful colors. Red and yellow in late autumn and snow in winter are the most desirable scenery for tourists. In November, you may see colorful, you may encounter the first snow, soak in an open-air hot spring again, return yourself to the original nature and feel a unique and wonderful experience.

Transportation: take a plane or train to Chengdu first, then go to Xinnanmen bus station and take a bus to Hailuogou, which takes about 6 hours. There are special sightseeing buses in the scenic spot.

Admission: 90 yuan

Recommended delicacies: banquet, cured meat, pastries, Laoyin tea, mound meat.

Travel tips: 1. The temperature difference between day and night is large, the glacier climate is changeable, bring enough warm and cold proof clothes, and prepare common drugs.

2. Avoid taking hot springs on an empty stomach, after meals and after drinking. The time between taking hot springs and eating should be at least one hour.

3. Hikers had better lead the team, not act alone.

3、 Guilin marine Ginkgo

In a small village in Lingchuan County, Guilin, there is a large area of ginkgo forest rare in China and unique in Guangxi. This is the Ocean Village. There are as many as 1 million ginkgo trees here, clustered, row by row, piece by piece, planted in beautiful rural areas or beside village houses. There are more than 500000 ancient ginkgo trees. The oldest one has a history of more than 500 years. The largest 'ginkgo King' tree is up to 30 meters high, and the trunk needs six people to hug. From the middle of November every year, there is a gentle breeze and colorful leaves. There is a golden world on and under the trees, which forms a unique picture with the old people or children picking up leaves under the forest.

Transportation: take a bus from Guilin bus station to Dawei ancient town, and then change or take a taxi to Haiyang township.

Admission: Free

Travel tips: villagers may collect 10 yuan tickets at the entrance of the village.

4、 Yi County, Anhui Province

As one of the birthplaces of Huizhou culture, Yixian County has a unique history and culture. By the end of autumn, it has become the most beautiful landscape painting. Red leaves, cooking smoke, fog, water village and ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties are as charming as paintings, which also deeply reveals the unique charm of Chinese Rural ancient towns. From the end of October to November, chrysanthemums are all over the ground, autumn leaves are red, and white walls and black tiles are reflected in the water, showing the beauty of the village in the painting. It is a famous red leaf viewing place loved by tourists.

Transportation: take a bus from Huangshan to Yixian County. You can take a minibus from the county to the scenic spots in the county. You can also take a taxi or charter a few people. It's very cheap.

Recommended scenic spots: Hongcun, Xidi, Tachuan, Nanping, Lucun, etc.

Recommended delicacies: Laba tofu, Hongcun baked cake, fresh peach, braised peach blossom, Siniperca chuatsi Shexian Daoban incense.

Travel Tips

You can stay in the small village for one night and feel the quiet beauty of the countryside at dawn in the evening.

5、 Mount Emei, Sichuan

Mount Emei described by Jin Yong is gentle and beautiful, but fierce and arrogant, and the natural and cultural resources in the mountain are famous all over the world. From November to February of the next year, it is a good time to go to Emei Mountain to watch the sea of clouds, sunrise, sunset and Buddha light. Whether it's the white clouds spreading on the horizon like a snow-white velvet blanket, or the magical colorful halo of "the halo moves with people, and the shadow is in the ring", or the still unsolved wandering group, such a fantastic and mysterious scenery, coupled with the golden hall and Golden Buddha, the shock can't be described by language alone. Only you can know its beauty by personal experience.

Transportation: take a special tourist bus to the scenic spot at Chengdu Xinnanmen station; Leshan passenger transport center and Chongqing Caiyuanba passenger transport center also have shuttle buses to Emeishan.

Admission: 185 yuan in peak season and 110 yuan in off-season; Jinding cableway: 65 yuan up and 55 yuan down in peak season, 30 yuan up and 20 yuan down in off-season; Wannian temple is 10 yuan, Baoguo temple is 8 yuan and Fuhu temple is 6 yuan.

Tips: 1. Sunrise is about 6:00 in summer and 7:00 in winter, between 9:00-10:00 and 15:00-16:00 in the sea of clouds and Buddha light. When the sun shines in the evening.

2. Best scenic spots: Jinding, Lingyan temple, Fuhu temple, Huayan roof, XIXIANGCHI, Qingyin Pavilion, Longmen cave, hongchunping, Xianfeng temple, etc.

3. It's cold on the mountain in November. Remember to bring a thick coat.

4. After years of experience, the monkeys in Mount Emei are very clever. Before entering the monkey area, tourists should put away their valuables, don't expose their food outside, so as not to cause looting by monkeys, and don't open their schoolbags in front of monkeys.

6、 Zhejiang Nancun

Guide village is located at the foot of Tianmu Mountain in the east of Lin'an, with a history of more than 2000 years. The people of the ancient village live around the Tianchi Lake, occupying the best time and place. There are more than 200 towering ancient trees behind the village, all of which are rare tree species such as Liquidambar, gingko, Cryptomeria fortunei and Castanea mollissima, with the longest tree age of more than 900 years. Around the middle of November every year, the golden ginkgo and fiery red maple trees make it described as a 'mountain style oil painting splashed with thick ink', which is considered by the outdoor circle to be one of the most beautiful ancient villages in East China. The ancient surnames, ancient ponds, ancient trees, ancient temples, ancient temples, ancient houses and ancient tombs retained in the village give guide village more unique cultural charm.

Transportation: take k598 from Hangzhou West Railway Station to Lin'an new station, take No. 2 and No. 3 to Xishu street, take the bus to Baisha, the source of Taihu Lake, get off at Herun family hotel in Xikou, then walk across a bridge, turn right and go up the mountain.

Recommended delicacies: chicken pot, rabbit pot, boar castle and other local specialties.

7、 Tengchong, Yunnan

Ginkgo village, Tengchong

Tengchong, which is adjacent to Burma, is the only volcano geothermal coexistence area in Chinese mainland. There are not only spectacular volcanic groups and geothermal groups, but also volcanic wonders, volcanic barrier lake wetlands and the only urban waterfall in China. Since November, ginkgo is the most attractive business card of Tengchong. In the north of Tengchong County, there is the largest, most concentrated and oldest ginkgo forest found in Yunnan so far. The village is in the forest and the forest is in the village. The sky and the earth are full of golden light. It is a very popular tourist destination in recent years. After enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can't help sighing the magic and beauty of Tengchong.

Transportation: you can arrive at Tengchong by plane or car. There are special buses in almost every scenic spot. If there are many people, you can also carpool or charter.

Recommended attractions: Tengchong Rehai, ginkgo village, Volcanic National Park, Heshun ancient town, Cherry Valley, Dieshui river waterfall, etc.

Recommended delicacies: big rescue, bait silk, jar chicken, thin bean flour, earthen pot, large flakes, Heshun brain, etc.

8、 Vietnam Menai

Far away from Xialong Bay and Nha Trang, there is a quiet and beautiful fishing village in the northeast of Ho Chi Minh, which is Menai. Since November, Menai has ushered in the dry season, which is comfortable and pleasant. 50km Long Beach, coconut wind and waves, clear water and young sand, rare tourists, slow-paced life, different grades of vacation houses. In Meinai, you don't have to think about going to any scenic spots or shopping malls. Just enjoy this comfortable time quietly, lie in a chair, blow the sea breeze and listen to the waves. You can also participate in thrilling windsurfing or go to Baisha hill. Casual and leisurely, this is the main melody of Menai and one of the most worthwhile beaches in southern Vietnam.

Transportation: Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh can take buses directly to Meinai. They are divided into different bus companies with many shifts, which can be selected according to their own time. Meinai's buses and taxis are very formal, which can easily go to various hot spots.

Visa information: apply for a tourist visa in advance. There are single and multiple choices. The validity period and stay time are 30 days, which are calculated by overlapping. Therefore, you must travel within 30 days after the visa comes down, otherwise it will be invalid.

Recommended scenic spots: Fairy Creek, white sand dune, red sand dune, Meinai beach, bonaga zhanpo tower, etc.

Recommended delicacies: Vietnamese snail lion powder, Vietnamese meat dumplings, Vietnamese chicken powder, duck eggs, seafood, coffee, tropical fruits.

Travel tips: 1. When ordering seafood in the restaurant, try to stand next to it to avoid losing weight or giving the price of live seafood to dead seafood.

2. Meinai scenic spots do not need tickets, nor do they have the so-called opening hours, so if someone charges you additional ticket fees, please ignore them directly.

3. Take swimsuit, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, daily medicine, etc.

4. Don't touch other people's heads at will. You can't point to things with your feet. When sitting on the ground, you can't point your feet at people. When entering the temple, you should pay attention to your clothes.

9、 Samui, Thailand

Samui Island, like a paradise, is the third largest island in Thailand. Compared with Phuket, which is very popular, it still retains a trace of original flavor. In November, Sumi island has warm sea water and warm sunshine, which is very attractive. It is the beginning of the best travel time of the year. The clean and narrow white sand beach, limestone caves, coral reef islands and colorful tropical fish groups are very much like the dream island in the film. In Sumei, visitors can dive, snorkel, canoe, paddle, and even sail to sea; You can also visit the lush coconut garden, see the quiet small fishing village and beautiful waterfalls, and enjoy the intoxicating vacation life.

Transportation: take a plane to Bangkok or Hong Kong and transfer to Sumei Island Airport. You can take a taxi or bus from the airport to the beach. The resort hotel also provides pick-up service. You can contact the hotel in advance. From Bangkok, you can also take a car or train to Surat and South China Peng, and then change the ferry to go. The journey is hard, and poor travel is the first choice.

Visa information: apply for a tourist visa or apply for a landing visa in advance, which is valid for 90 days and can stay for 30 days.

Recommended attractions: chawen beach, Lamai Beach, Nanyuan Island, Antong National Marine Park, Tao Island, namang No. 1 waterfall, paya temple, etc.

Recommended delicacies: Coconut Chicken Soup, roasted coconut tower, Ma Sanma curry chicken, Thai fried barley strips, seafood, fried coconut balls and date coconut balls.

Travel tips: 1. It is not recommended to buy too many souvenirs. Just choose some special ones, and others can be bought in Bangkok or the airport.

2. Prepare sunscreen, mosquito repellent and daily drugs.

3. There are many small travel agencies on the island. When applying for a group or buying a ticket to go to sea, choose to be close to wine