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Chinese buyers move to Thailand for real estate speculation and Thailand becomes the latest target o

Chinese buyers move to Thailand for real estate speculation and Thailand becomes the latest target of real estate speculation group

Compared with investors in popular investment areas such as the United States and Australia, Chinese buyers are interested in Thai real estate, and the driving factors of high house purchase demand are not unfamiliar, mainly from education, medical treatment, lifestyle, price, entertainment, investment and other aspects

In the second quarter of 2019, the inquiry volume of Chinese buyers for Thai houses recorded on still surged by 74.2% year-on-year. Thailand has surpassed Japan, Australia and the United States as the most popular overseas home purchase destination for Chinese buyers. Among them, the capital Bangkok is most favored by Chinese buyers, followed by popular resorts such as Chiang Mai and Pattaya.

'at present, the net return on residential rent in central Bangkok is about 4%, and some areas with great potential can reach about 8%. Usually, Chinese buyers will entrust the house to the property company, sign a 12-month lease at a time, and pay the property company one month's rent. " Southeast Asia's largest real estate brokerage network IQI, said Guo Haojie, a Thai broker.

According to the statistics of, the proportion of house purchase to achieve the investment goal in Thailand is 21% higher than that in other countries, the proportion used as' second house 'or' vacation house 'is 148%, and the proportion for the purpose of' retirement and pension 'is 189%.

For Chinese buyers, reasonable price is also an important factor for their interest in Thai real estate. According to the data of, in 2018, the median price of real estate consulted by Chinese buyers worldwide was US $308000 (about 9.5 million baht), of which most buyers focused on real estate with a total price of about US $250000 (about 7.7 million baht). Therefore, Thailand is very suitable for Chinese buyers who are very sensitive to the total price of real estate. At present, the average price of unsold new houses in Thailand is only $90146.