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Ma Yun said that the double 11 doesn't mean much to Ali. Don't regard the double 11 as Ali's success

On November 13, at the fifth world Zhejiang merchants conference, Ma Yun said that we should not regard the double 11 as Alibaba's success. In fact, it doesn't make much sense to Alibaba. It's more a technical test. He said that all the technology and equipment needed for the "double 11" is an infrastructure for the scientific, technological and economic development of China in the next decade.

In 2019, the total transaction volume (Gmv) of tmall double 11 global Carnival reached RMB 268.4 billion. Double 11 data increased by 25.7%, exceeding expectations, but did not meet Ma Yun's expectations. " There are many reasons. First, clothes sell well only when the weather is too hot and cold. Many ski clothes and winter clothes don't sell much; Second, double 11 happens to be Monday. Staying up late will affect work. "

Ma Yun responded to netizens' doubts about double 11 data fraud

Ma Yun said at the meeting that "double 11 is not the success of Ali, but the success of China's domestic demand". He said that China's domestic demand gives us great confidence today, and all this has just started. For a recent online news about tmall's double 11 data fraud, Ma Yun said that in the Internet age, every penny is extremely accurate! In addition, Ma Yun also said that this year's double 11 has not actually met his expectations. He hopes that in the future, double 11 countries will give half a day off, so as to stay up late and buy, so as not to delay work. In addition, Ma Yun also said that the number of double 11 is not the key, the key is the real power behind the number. The power of technology, the power of innovation in China's manufacturing industry and the power of businesses to seek change are the real 'core' behind the double 11 numbers. Prior to this, tmall spokesman Peng Mei sent a response on this matter: 'this prediction looks really & lsquo; Bluff & rsquo; Ah. According to the netizen's logic, what conforms to the statistical trend is false. Then the world's economic aggregate can also be predicted, and is economic development false? " Peng Mei further said: 'it is concluded that the fraud of tmall's double 11 data is a rumor and should be held legally responsible.