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How much is zhouliufu gold a gram? Gold price on November 14

How much is the price of gold today? Recently, many friends are very concerned about the price of gold. Let's help you sort out the price of gold on Saturday. Let's have a look

Zhou Liufu

Hong Kong zhouliufu Jewelry International Group Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 2004, specializing in the design, production and operation of jewelry such as gold, platinum, palladium, K gold, diamond inlay, emerald, etc. In the same year, Zhou Liufu, Hongkong, began to run Zhou Liufu brand jewelry in Chinese mainland and set up the first Zhou Liufu jewelry shop in Shenzhen.

After years of efforts, Hong Kong zhouliufu has a certain scale, has an independent product R & D team, a large-scale precious metal jewelry production factory and diamond inlay processing factory, and is famous in the industry for inlay experts. As of October 2011, Hongkong Zhou has established 780 brands and stores in mainland Chinese mainland, with sales outlets all over the country. At present, zhouliufu jewelry has provided job seekers with more than 200 jobs in functional departments such as design, production, logistics, sales and logistics support, and the total number of employees has reached more than 15000.