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Two instructors of Yuzhang academy involved in the case of Yuzhang Academy

The case of "Yuzhang academy" in Jiangxi Province, which has been silent for more than a year, has aroused concern again because many informants said they had been retaliated and intimidated.

The school called "Yuzhang academy" by public opinion, whose full name is "Yuzhang academy special school for self-cultivation education in Qingshanhu District, Nanchang City", was once famous for "giving up internet addiction". After it was exposed that students were illegally detained and physically punished in 2017, the school was closed. Some students reported the case to the police with the help of volunteers.

In a recent interview with surging news (), Lu Yinggang, gentle (pseudonym) and others, who had participated in reporting the 'Yuzhang Academy', said they had been intimidated and threatened.

On October 29, Wu Junbao, the person in charge of "Yuzhang academy", made his first voice to the media and denied retaliation to the surging news. He admitted that he had failed in running the school, and felt guilty, 'since then, he has remained anonymous and cultivated his mind for the rest of his life'.

In fact, the judicial investigation of the case has not been completed. Two instructors of the school involved were suspected of illegal detention, and Nanchang police transferred the case to the procuratorial organ for examination. Wu Junbao said that the detention of students is a 'Morita therapy' for educational correction, which was questioned by the interviewed experts.

On October 29, the staff of the Political Department of Nanchang municipal procuratorate introduced to the surging news that the Qingshanhu District procuratorate has returned the case to the police for supplementary investigation. At present, Nanchang municipal procuratorate is verifying the case, and the verification results will be announced to the public.

On November 12, the propaganda personnel of Nanchang Public Security Bureau told surging news that there was no "latest news" on the investigation of the case.

Case refund and supplementary investigation

After nearly two years, on October 28, surging journalists and Luo Wei came to Ruxi village in the eastern suburb of Nanchang. The campus of the former Yuzhang academy self-cultivation education special school (hereinafter referred to as "Yuzhang academy special school") located on the roadside has now been rented to an art school.

Several 'small black houses' on the left side of the door that once left a shadow for many students have been transformed into toilets. Luo Wei pointed to one of them -- that was the house he had closed, and the door couldn't be opened.

Luo Wei went to the scene to identify the 'small black house', in which he had been locked up for seven days.

Luo Wei, 26, is from Xihu District, Nanchang. Wearing glasses, he looks gentle and white. He often spread his hands to express his emotions. He said that he should be the first reporter of the "Yuzhang academy" case.

In October 2017, the author of Zhihu website 'gentle' published an article pointing directly at the phenomenon of illegal detention and corporal punishment of students in the specialized school of Yuzhang Academy. Since then, CCTV, surging news and other media have stepped in and reported that 'Yuzhang Academy' and 'Shanchang' Wu Junbao have become the focus of public opinion.

A month later, the Yuzhang academy specialized school was closed and the judicial organ launched an investigation.

Lu Yinggang, a volunteer named 'wee43', has come to Nanchang from Zhejiang many times to learn about the situation. According to his' gentle 'introduction and another volunteer, some students from Yuzhang college reported that they had been beaten or even sexually assaulted, but it was difficult to obtain evidence.

After the first report was brought back by his parents, Luo Wei went to the Luojia police station of Qingshanhu public security branch to report the case. On December 7, 2017, the case filing notice issued by Qingshanhu public security branch showed that the police filed and investigated Luo Wei's case of illegal detention.

Luo Wei told surging news that after reporting the case, he also provided the criminal police handling the case with a list of suspects who had detained him, but there has been no substantive progress in the case for more than a year. However, he was slightly gratified that progress had been made in the report of another four injured students.

According to Luo Wei and volunteer Lu Yinggang, after the media exposed the "Yuzhang academy" incident in November 2017, seven students reported the case to the police. Among them, the victim Zhu and other four reported the case of instructor Zhang Shun and Qu wenkuan. After investigation, the police applied to the procuratorial organ for the arrest of Zhang and Qu on suspicion of illegal detention.

Tian Feng, a former instructor, revealed that Zhang Shun was the chief instructor of the school and Qu wenkuan was an ordinary instructor.

Luo Wei learned from the police handling the case and the prosecutor's office this year that Zhang Shun and Qu wenkuan were suspected of illegal detention. The Qingshanhu District procuratorate considered that there was insufficient evidence and did not approve the arrest, so it returned them to the police for supplementary investigation.

The case related to "Yuzhang academy" has been returned by Nanchang Qingshanhu District procuratorate for supplementary investigation.

This information was confirmed by the prosecution. On October 29, surging news learned from Nanchang procuratorate that Qingshanhu District procuratorate had returned the case to Qingshanhu public security branch for supplementary investigation.

A staff member surnamed Hong of the Political Department of Nanchang procuratorate told surging news that at present, Nanchang procuratorate is verifying the case, 'after the verification results come out, we will announce them to the public'.

On November 12, surging news called Nanchang public security bureau to understand the situation. A propagandist from the Bureau said he had consulted the case handling department and said, "there is no latest news."

Little black house 'sequelae'

Returning to the 'Yuzhang Academy', Luo Wei pushed the closed iron door of the 'little black house' with his hand, sighed and said that the seven days in this room were the most difficult dark time in his life.

Nanchang Yuzhang academy is one of the four ancient academies in Jiangxi. It was founded in the Southern Song Dynasty and closed at the end of the Qing Dynasty. In 2011, Wu Junbao founded Yuzhang Academy's special school of moral education and culture in Ruxi village, Qingshanhu District, announcing that Yuzhang academy "resumed school".

In May 2013, Wu Junbao established Yuzhang academy specialized school on the basis of his previous school, claiming that he could change the rebellious children with internet addiction through Sinology education. Three months later, Luo Wei, who was a "thorn in the head" in his father's eyes, was taken to this school.

At that time, Luo Wei's college entrance examination results were not ideal. He had a fierce quarrel with his father about going back to college. " He always thought I was disobedient and wanted the people of Yuzhang college to teach me well. " Luo Wei remembered that on September 3, 2013, Luo Wei, who was at home, was taken away by several men wearing suspected police uniforms on the grounds of 'cooperating with the investigation'. Wearing handcuffs and 'wearing only one pair of underwear' Luo Wei was locked up in the 'small black house' of Yuzhang Academy.

Zhou Wenliang and Tian Fengdu, who once served as instructors in the school, confirmed that when they 'arrest people', the instructors usually go with handcuffs and 'let the children think we are police'.

"Almost all students have to be closed for seven days before they come in." Tian Feng said that for some obedient students, they may be 'closed for only a few days'. In this process, instructors follow the intention of school leaders.

Most of the "small black houses" in the former self-cultivation Education School of Yuzhang academy have now been changed into toilets.

The 'little black house' is located on the left side of the school entrance. The school calls it the 'boring relief room', with an area of about 10 square meters. Tian Feng, who has been an instructor for several months, told surging news that there are three 'small black houses' in the school,' two for men and one for women '.

In the 'little black room', Luo Wei found that the narrow room was almost dark, with a mat and a urinal on the floor. Every day someone brought in food and soon locked the door. It didn't help that Luo Wei shouted desperately.

After years of investigation, Lu Yinggang, a volunteer, said that among the thousands of students enrolled in Wu Junbao's school, there were "no more than 10 students" who had no experience of "closing a small black house". He said that there are three "small black houses" for students in Yuzhang college specialized school, but actually there are more than eight.

Seven days later, Luo Wei was released. " The whole head is dizzy and can't walk steadily. " After coming out, he was asked to sign on a piece of paper, 'later I heard that he came in voluntarily'. Since then, Luo Wei and other students have received 'Sinology' education. When the instructor 'tests' the students every day, he often uses a ruler and a' Dragon whip 'for corporal punishment. Many students were injured, and some of them couldn't stand trying to commit suicide. Luo Wei recalled.

'the ruler is made of steel. The Dragon whip is reinforced and painted with black paint. " Luo Wei said that after 2015, the situation of corporal punishment of students in schools has changed slightly, and the yardstick and 'Dragon whip' may be made of bamboo.

Ren Weiqiang, President of Yuzhang academy special school, introduced in an interview with CCTV in November 2017 that the ruler used to punish students is made of bamboo, 33 cm long; The ring whip is about 81 cm long and its material is bamboo charcoal fiber.

'morita therapy '

Ren Weiqiang, principal of Yuzhang college specialized school, did not deny the practice of detaining students. He called it 'Morita therapy' in an interview.

Nearly two years after the incident, on October 29, Wu Junbao, the person in charge of Yuzhang academy, spoke to the media for the first time. In a telephone interview with surging news, he explained that punishing students with a ruler and whip was because the original management team learned and applied a paper on "stick therapy" in Russia.

'it really hurts the students.' Wu Junbao said that there was still a scale for the punishment of students in those years, 'there has never been a minor injury or serious injury caused by the ruler and whip'.

With regard to 'Morita therapy', Wu Junbao explained that 'Morita therapy' can be applied to the general population to improve their psychological skills. The school management has conducted boredom relief training for teachers and students and incorporated it into the required courses, but this' exploratory education model 'has not been understood.

The Qingshanhu District Procuratorate, which once made a decision not to approve the arrest of Zhang Shun and Qu wenkuan, two instructors involved in the case, also mentioned "Morita therapy" in the description of returning for supplementary investigation.

Morita therapy, as a special treatment for neurosis, originated in Japan in the 1920s. Is the practice of detaining students in Yuzhang Academy's specialized school part of this "Morita therapy"?

On October 30, surging news interviewed Li Jiangbo, chairman of Morita therapy application professional committee of China Mental Health Association.

'morita therapy does have a kind of & lsquo; Stay in bed & rsquo; Therapy is to lie in a separate room for seven days without doing anything or contacting the outside world. " Dr. Li Jiangbo said that after staying in an isolated environment for a period of time, many patients can't continue to stay, 'they are willing to work and do other things'.

Li Jiangbo stressed that the implementation of Morita therapy is not mandatory. " This kind of therapy is based on my prior consent, 'he said,' Morita therapy is not mandatory, it is not locked in the house, he (the patient) lies there voluntarily. '

According to Li Jiangbo's analysis, some Internet addiction schools may learn from some Morita therapy, 'if it is mandatory, this may be a problem'. However, he believes that teenagers playing online games is a serious social problem. We can't deny all Internet addiction schools because individual schools have taken extreme measures.

In an interview with surging news, Zhang Yonghong, a professor and doctoral supervisor at the school of law of Xiangtan University, pointed out that no matter what kind of educational correction, the school must implement it on the premise of abiding by the law.

Zhang Yonghong believes that the compulsory detention of students by the school involved in the case should constitute the crime of illegal detention, and exceeded the filing standard of continuous detention for 24 hours. 'subjectively, they deliberately illegally deprived others of their personal freedom, and objectively implemented the act of illegal detention'.

Some people believe that controlling students' personal freedom may be motivated by helping children quit Internet addiction. But Zhang Yonghong believes that the motivation and nature of such behavior should be treated differently. " It cannot be said that the motive is good, and that the behavior is also legitimate. " He said, 'if you illegally deprive others of their personal freedom and have the criminal intention of illegal detention, your behavior may constitute a crime.'

In an interview with surging news, Tian Feng, the former instructor of Yuzhang academy special school, introduced that students were locked in a 'small black house', which students did not know in advance, but some parents knew.

If the parents agree in advance, how to characterize the behavior of detaining students?

'parental consent cannot replace child consent.' Zhang Yonghong said that parents have no right to deprive their children of their right to personal freedom. If the school staff carries out illegal detention, it is prohibited