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How is Yuzhang academy now

How is Yuzhang academy now

Two years ago, the heinous "hell" behavior of Yuzhang academy, which claimed to be able to change the "problem youth", was exposed. According to the latest news, the volunteers who reported Yuzhang Academy said they were threatened with death. Yesterday, Wu Junbao, the former head of Yuzhang academy, responded in an interview with the media that he had never instructed anyone to threaten volunteers, 'the volunteers threatened by death have called the police, and everything is subject to the police information'.

The whole story of Yuzhang academy incident

On November 3, 2017, CCTV made a program entitled "how can the 'problem youth' be handed over to the 'problem school'?", which thoroughly exposed the 'evil deeds' in Yuzhang Academy.

On November 8, with the support and exposure of major media and volunteers, Yuzhang college took the initiative to apply for suspension

On December 7, under the joint report of several injured students, Yuzhang college was put on file for investigation.

However, a few months later, due to "insufficient evidence", the principal Wu Junbao did not make an arrest decision and returned to continue the supplementary investigation. After two years, there was no news.

It was originally thought that the matter had been solved, but two years later, Yuzhang academy appeared again, but it was sad.

After the upsurge of public opinion subsided, the author who wrote that article for the first time exposed Yuzhang academy appeared again, but it was not a good news, but a 'cry for help'.

In these two years:

Volunteers commit suicide after being threatened with death;

Carry a folding knife with you for fear of retaliation;

Threatening, intimidating, dropping out of school, losing your job

It's too hard for those people who speak for their children.

While they stood on the tip of the knife, Yuzhang Academy had quietly changed to "Tang Yuanwen" again.

Nothing seems to have changed.

While they stood on the tip of the knife, Yuzhang Academy had quietly changed to "Tang Yuanwen" again.

On October 26, 2017, an article "how many Yang Yongxin are there in China" was brushed on the Internet. After Yang Yongxin's terrible clinic No. 13, the Yuzhang academy, which was praised all over the Internet, was uncovered.

On October 29, the netizen @ gently released a video entitled "the party told you the whole story of Yuzhang academy", accusing Wu Junbao, the founder of Yuzhang academy, of retaliating against himself and the volunteers over the past two years.

In two days, more than 4 million videos were played on station B.

While supporting the volunteers, netizens were also amazed at their plight and torture.

I thought the 'Yuzhang storm' had long ended, but I didn't expect it to linger.

In 2013, Wu Junbao founded a private training institution called Yuzhang Academy in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, which is known as using traditional Chinese culture to reform Internet addicted teenagers.

The following girl, King shannima, once disclosed her experience in Yuzhang Academy.

Every freshman entering Yuzhang academy will be naked in the small black house for 7 days.

In addition to psychological abuse, it is common for them to beat their children violently. Even sexual assault.

Under this inhuman abuse, the children were frightened and depressed, and finally became 'good children' in the eyes of parents.

Human purgatory, about so.

But fortunately, someone spoke bravely.

The @ gentleness mentioned at the beginning of the article, an article "how many Yang Yongxin are there in China", began to take the lead in attacking Yuzhang Academy.

According to gentle himself, it is not easy to start collecting evidence of Yuzhang Academy.

I have limited ability and energy. Thanks to the continuous participation of 'Volunteers' partners, I can complete the whole survey.

Some volunteers even quit their jobs and huddled around the computer all day to sort out the information of the injured children. They didn't sleep for three days and three nights at most.

They wrote one article after another and kept talking.

Slowly, their little voice began to reverberate in the society. More and more people knew about it and had a greater and greater impact

Until later, the Beijing News, Tencent News, CCTV and other major media and official media followed up.

At that time, many people scolded Yuzhang academy, but few knew @ gentleness and volunteers.

Under the bombardment of public opinion, Yuzhang academy took the initiative to shut down in November 2017 and rescued more than 80 students at that time.

In 2017, Nanchang public security bureau has filed a case of Wu Junbao's illegal detention for investigation.

Here's the story. Justice triumphs over evil and unsung heroes win. It should have been a perfect ending.

But I didn't expect it.

Due to insufficient evidence, Wu Junbao was released in less than 20 days.

At the same time, the heroes who once fought against Yuzhang academy began to be retaliated by Wu Junbao

In May this year, Luo Wei, a former student of Yuzhang academy, was visited by Wu Junbao.

Before that, Luo Wei made some comments on the Internet, accusing Wu Junbao of 'playing a yardstick', 'touching his ass',' threatening students and volunteers' and so on.

In the face of Wu Junbao's aggressive and face-to-face threat, Luo Wei had to call the police.

In addition to reality, the pressure of most volunteers comes from the Internet.

Their personal information, real names, mobile phones and school units have been dug clean.

Volunteer 'Luchuan' lost four jobs in two years, and one of the companies frequently received harassing calls from Nanchang.

Lu Chuan's parents also advised him to stop: people (Wu Junbao) have people in both black and white. What do you fight with people?

Even if the big v@ is gentle, he is threatened to cut off one hand. Just last week, @ gentle also received death threats from strange men on her social software.

People say it's a knife. It's hard for ordinary people to bear such a high-pressure threat.

In May 2018, Zi mu, a volunteer, sat on the roof of the school and chose to drink and swallow pills to commit suicide.

She said goodbye to Lu Chuan on the phone, 'anyway, the result is like this. It's meaningless.'

Before that, she had spent months on investigation.

@The polar day studio reported--

Zimu, the first in his major, failed in five subjects. She wanted to review well, but her cell phone kept ringing all day. Some are real Yuzhang students, some are fake, repeatedly cover the information, and say 'little sister's voice is really good'.

But fortunately, after rescue, Zimu's life was not in danger.

Until now, she is still receiving psychotherapy.

We thought it was a calm 'Yuzhang storm', and some people have been tortured in the vortex. The two groups of people who once stood at both ends of the "Yuzhang storm" now seem to be in a very ironic situation.

On one side, the informants who once bravely stood up and spoke were tortured and harassed. Source: well off & bull; China well off network