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How much is a gram of gold? Price list of Zhou Dasheng gold on November 14

How much is Zhou Dasheng's gold today? How much is a gram of gold and platinum? The following Xiaobian helps you sort out today's quotation of Zhou Dasheng. Let's get to know it

Zhou Dasheng

In 1966, the overseas Chinese Zhou family founded Hong Kong Dragon foreign firm in Hong Kong to operate jewelry wholesale business. In the early 1990s, Dragonair and Chow's Heda company jointly established Hong Kong Chow Tai sang Jewelry Co., Ltd. and developed into a diversified investment enterprise group. The huge market consumption potential of China's jewelry market attracts Chuangxian jewelry brands to enter. As a group enterprise integrating the production, wholesale and retail of jade jewelry, diamond and gem inlaid jewelry, Chow Tai sang jewelry also entered the domestic jewelry market.

Since its establishment, Zhou Dasheng has been unswervingly committed to the promotion and dissemination of diamond culture and spared no effort to implement the all-round promotion of brand value. During this period, China's jewelry industry has also completed the transformation from quantitative expansion and extensive operation to focusing on quality and building brands. The excellent brands represented by Chow Tai sang jewelry have comprehensively improved their own operation service management system and become the backbone of the development of the industry.