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The little suckling dog has a long tail on its forehead. The little suckling dog narwhal is popular

[little suckling dog with a long tail on the forehead] according to the British mirror on November 13, a rescued little stray dog has become a superstar on social media because it has a tail on its forehead and looks like a hybrid baby of 'dog and unicorn'.

Mac & lsquo; s mission is an American animal rescue organization headquartered in Missouri. It is dedicated to helping dogs who have been abused, injured or congenital defects.

According to the staff of the rescue center, the dog with long horns on the forehead was found in the street. When it was found, the dog's foot was injured and was staying with another old dog.

Because of the horns on his forehead, the staff named the dog narwhal. They took the dog to the hospital to find out why his tail was in the wrong position.

The doctor said that this extra tail has no practical use. Its only function is to make the small narwhal the coolest dog in history.

Veterinarian Dr. heuring believes that there is no reason to remove the extra small tail from the dog's face.

After the staff of the rescue center uploaded the dog's video to the social network, it immediately attracted a huge fan group.

The biggest concern of fans is the same: will the tail swing when the dog is happy? The answer is a bit regrettable: it won't swing.

At present, because the organization still wants to continue to 'monitor' the situation of the small tail and ensure that it will not become an obstacle to the future life of the narwhal, it has not asked for adoption for the time being, but fans have predicted that there will be a 'longest team' asking for adoption in history.

One fan said, 'to tell you the truth, the little tail makes the dog more cute.'

Another netizen also spoke: I dare say that it is destined to achieve great things.

Hahaha, cats and dogs will sprout people's hearts and make people 'crazy'. May the dog grow up healthily.