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The nightmare of Syria's national football team meets on a narrow road. What is the odds of winning

Original title: two Syrian strikers or national football nightmare, can our defenders block zero?

On November 14 Beijing time, the national football team will meet Syria in the 2022 World Cup qualifier. Before the game, many voices will think that the national football team has a combination of Exxon and Wu Lei, which can be called the top five league levels of hard power, and can completely suppress the Syrian team.

But is this really the case? I'm afraid if you know something about the attack combination of Syria, no one dares to say that China can safely defeat Syria!

The number one star in Syria is undoubtedly Omar & middot, 29; Soma, a tall center with a height of more than 1.90 meters, has been recognized as the first local striker in the West Asian League in the past few years. His high status and international performance are like Qi Wu Lei. He even has obvious advantages!

Soma, who plays for Al Ahli, a Saudi giants, has won the golden boot of the Saudi League three times among many big European and American foreign aid. He scored 151 goals in 166 games on behalf of Al Ahli. Without joining the European League, his value has reached 8.5 million euros! In fact, the outstanding power can be seen!

In addition to soma, hribin is also a sharp knife that the national football team is difficult to prevent

What's more, soma is a star who is very good at fighting hard battles. He scored goals in key battles with Iran and Australia during the 2018 World Cup qualifier, and almost led the team to the World Cup finals. Excuse me, is this level of forward that the Chinese team can have at present? So far, Wu Lei hasn't scored a league goal in Spain. The 29 year old Exxon also began to play forward after joining the CSL. At that time, he played in midfield when he attracted the attention of European teams. Such a temporary combination is obviously difficult to compare with soma, the first scoring machine in West Asia.

In addition to soma, another supernova in Syria, Omar & middot; Herribin is also a young talent that the national football team can't reach at present. The 25-year-old striker scored three more goals in the national team than soma. He is the best striker in the history of the Syrian national team!

The last time the Chinese team lost was Gu Chao's amazing mistake

He may be inferior to sauma in the number of goals, but at the age of 23, he won the best shooter in the Asian Champions League on behalf of UAE giants alhiral, and won the 2017 Asian Footballer of the year! Compared with soma, hribin is more comprehensive. He can not only be competent as a center, but also play two forwards and wingers, and has a very excellent ability to pass threat balls. It is no exaggeration to say that the combination of soma and hribin is the level of the five major leagues in terms of hard strength!

Don't forget that the last time China and Syria met in the World Cup qualifier, they didn't take any advantage at all. They were defeated by their opponents in the first round and tied by Saleh's direct free kick in the second round, completely losing the hope of entering Russia! In this qualifier, Syria is strong. Although they still don't have a fixed home, they can maintain a complete victory. Even in the Philippines, which has plunged China into a hard struggle, Syria easily scored five goals!

In three games, soma has scored seven goals, which is enough to prove his current good state. Before the match with the Chinese team, hribin, who was previously suspended by the Syrian national team, was also selected with injury. Once his physical condition can play, in professional game terms, the difficulty of winning the Chinese team will be purgatory level!