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Netease online social sonic focuses on stranger social software for voice dating

Kuchuan data show that Netease launched a social software 'sound wave'.

Sonic developer is Netease (Hangzhou) network Co., Ltd., which launched version 0.0.1 on November 12. At present, it can only be downloaded from oppo Android App store.

Through the experience of product Hunter (ID: qqchanpin), sonic is a stranger social software focusing on voice dating. After logging in, users can choose to enter different voice rooms for interactive social networking. At present, the product is still in its infancy, and some functions are not stable.

Specifically, the core functions of sound waves are:

First, join or build a multiplayer chat room. The 'recommended' interface on the acoustic home page will recommend 6 voice rooms for users, and the 'acoustic Hall' will display all current voice rooms. Due to the small number of rooms in the initial stage of the product, the room recommendation logic has not been seen.

Each voice room has a homeowner and eight seats. After entering the room, users can freely apply for wheat or text interaction.

Users can also build their own voice room, but they can only create it after real name authentication. After creation, you can view it in 'my room'.

Second, reward gifts. Users can give gifts to homeowners or other users in the voice room. The room has a 'contribution list' ranked according to the weekly user gift giving data and a 'Charm list' ranked according to the weekly user gift receiving data.

Reward gifts need to be purchased with 'Bo coin'. Users can recharge Bo coin in 'my wallet'. Because the product is in the testing stage, the recharge amount of all quantities of wave coins is 0.01 yuan at present.

At the same time, the user's personal level will also be improved according to the user's consumption. Different level intervals have different level icons. In addition to having cool level icons, high-level users can also be among the best in the audience list of voice room.

Third, anonymous social networking. Users can initiate private chat with other users and become fans of each other after paying attention to other users. Both sides can become friends by paying attention to each other. Users can view friends, followers and fans in the message interface. At the same time, users can invite fans to their voice room.

With the successive layout of major giants and the increasingly fierce competition in the social field, Netease's online 'sound wave' began to explore the voice social field. At present, there are a large number of stranger social products focusing on voice dating in the market, including popular products such as voice encounter and squeak.

YY also launched the product 'chasing acridine' layout voice social networking this year. " 'chase a' will guide the user to select the relevant voice room for 1-to-1 pairing chat according to the user's field of interest. ' Although sonic focuses on multi person chat, it is lack of user guidance.

The multiplayer chat room extends a lot of play methods, such as multiplayer chat + game interaction, multiplayer chat + live event broadcast, multiplayer chat + PIA play, etc. the vertical fields are different, and the products of each play method are different.

According to the current experience, 'sound wave' adopts the mode of multi person pure chat + audience, and there is no prominent innovation and change in core functions. At the same time, the playing method is relatively single, lacking vertical field and user guidance. However, given that the product is still in the testing stage, we can still keep looking forward to it.

Whether Netease can gain a firm foothold in the social field with the help of voice social communication also depends on how the 'sound wave' amplifies.