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Netease's online social software "sound wave" can be downloaded in the oppo app store

Original title: Netease online social software 'sound wave' can be downloaded in the oppo app store

According to Tencent technology, Netease recently launched a social software 'sound wave', which can only be downloaded from the oppo Android App store. Statistics show that the sound wave developer is Netease (Hangzhou) network Co., Ltd., which launched version 0.0.1 on November 12.

It is reported that after logging in, users can choose to enter different voice rooms for interactive social networking.

In this app, users can join or build their own multi person chat room, but their own voice room needs real name authentication. Users can give gifts to homeowners or other users. The room is equipped with a 'contribution list' ranked according to the weekly user gift giving data. In addition, users can also initiate private chat with other users and become fans of each other after paying attention to other users. Both sides can become friends by paying attention to each other.