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Ma Yili's family sweater is now worn by her two daughters in turn

On November 14, Ma Yili showed a photo of her two daughters wearing the same clothes, and explained the 'inheritance' process of the sweater, saying that she wore the sweater when she was a child, and now the two daughters continue to wear it.

Ma Yili said: 'my 6-year-old sister, my sister this morning. This sweater was knitted by my mother when I was 8 years old. Later, I wore it for my youngest cousin. When she couldn't wear it, my mother asked my aunt to come back. Where would she know that she would have two granddaughters to wear it until now. Love is woven in a needle and thread. (besides, I'm also good at knitting sweaters) '

After the dynamic exposure, netizens commented one after another: 'it's not out of date at all, ha ha ~' 'the sweater is really good! And love! " The thread in the mother's hand, the wandering son's body coat '.