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Trump impeachment the outcome of Trump's impeachment is unpredictable

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives targeted president Donald & middot; Trump's impeachment investigation held its first public hearing on the 13th, giving people the opportunity to judge for themselves whether the Republican president's behavior towards Ukraine constitutes a reason for impeachment.

First public hearing

William middot, US charg é d'affaires A.I. in Ukraine, is scheduled to attend the televised hearing on the morning of the 13th local time; Taylor and George middot, Deputy Assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Asia Europe affairs; Kent. Mary middot, former US ambassador to Ukraine; Jovanovic is scheduled to testify on the 15th.

The three attended the closed door hearing in October, and some of their testimonies were made public earlier this month. Taylor pointed out that the US government handles Ukrainian affairs through conventional diplomatic channels and "unconventional channels", which are handled by Trump's private lawyer Rudy middot; Giuliani led. Kent said that trump has three key words on Ukraine affairs: 'investigate Biden' and '(Hillary & middot;) Clinton'. Jovanovic claimed to have received a "watch your back" warning because trump intended to recall her.

The testimony of several witnesses and the accusation of trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir & middot in August; Zelensky's calls were basically the same as those of intelligence officials. The call triggered the house of representatives to launch an impeachment investigation on September 24. The focus of the investigation is whether trump ordered the freezing of nearly $400 million in military assistance to Ukraine to force ZELINSKY to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe middot; Biden and his son hunter.

Adam & middot, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee; Schiff was one of the lead investigators. In a memorandum to the house of Representatives, he said, "these hearings will begin to deal with issues that have a far-reaching impact on the operation of the country and the government in accordance with the constitution". He hoped that colleagues would participate in the hearings in the spirit of "serious mission and love for the country".

Schiff announced the schedule of next week's public hearing on the 12th, and a total of 8 witnesses are scheduled to attend from the 19th to the 21st. Nancy & middot, speaker of the house of representatives of the Democratic Party; Pelosi said the same day: 'the president now has a chance to prove his innocence.'

Multi action counterattack

Republicans in the United States have taken various measures to respond to the Democratic led impeachment investigation.

Trump has repeatedly denied improper handling of Ukrainian affairs and held that the impeachment investigation was a political persecution of him by Democrats. He seems to be deliberately distracting the outside world. On the 13th, he arranged with Turkish President Recep & middot; Taip & middot; Erdogan met and held a joint press conference. The United States and Turkey had previously tightened their relations due to the situation in Syria and other matters.

Republicans also pointed out that Democrats had planned to oust trump since he took office. The action began with former special prosecutor Robert & middot in May 2017; Miller presided over the "Russia" investigation.

The associated press mentioned in the report that Miller testified in two house committees for about seven hours on July 24 this year. A day later, trump called ZELINSKY.

On the content of the investigation, Devon & middot, the highest ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee; Nunes and others believe that all witnesses lack first-hand information, and the 'equivalent exchange' as the focus of the investigation has not actually occurred. Ukraine argued that it was not coerced, and the once frozen military assistance was released in September.

Republicans identified loopholes in the investigation process and insisted that Biden's son hunt and prosecutors testify publicly like other witnesses.

The result is unpredictable

The Associated Press reported that the U.S. Constitution only mentioned 'felonies and misdemeanors' for the crimes constituting the basis of impeachment. There are also few details about the impeachment process, so Congress can decide how to proceed.

With regard to the first impeachment investigation in the era of social media and real-time comments, the American people are divided, and there is no consensus on whether Trump's behavior constitutes a reason for impeachment.

According to the process calculation, the hearing will be led by the judicial committee of the house of representatives at the end of this month, focusing on the specific impeachment 'provisions'. The house of Representatives is expected to vote on impeachment of the president before Christmas. The investigation was then submitted to the Senate for 'trial' to decide whether to recall the president. It will be next year.

It is widely expected that the Republican controlled Senate is unlikely to recall trump. Choosing to launch the impeachment investigation at the juncture of the 2020 presidential election is risky for both the democratic and Republican parties.

According to Jason & middot, senior adviser to trump's 2016 campaign team; Miller said that the "essence" of the impeachment investigation is that "professional bureaucrats are trying to undermine Trump's" US priority "foreign policy and" politically driven Democrats hope to make the Republican president uncomfortable before the 2020 election. " If the Republicans unite, trump will not only survive, but also thwart the impeachment scam and be re elected. "