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Most of Venice has been flooded, and the highest water level has reached 187cm

Due to days of heavy rain, Venice, the Italian 'water city', suffered serious flooding. As of the morning of November 13, the highest water level had reached 187cm, and the local high tide level had reached the highest value in more than 50 years. It is reported that the water level of 140 cm means that more than half of Venice is flooded. Many famous tourist attractions were flooded, the famous St. Mark's Square was flooded for more than 1 meter, and the St. Mark's Cathedral was also flooded. The administrator said that the degree of damage inside the church is not clear. When the historic building was flooded in 2018, the aging degree accelerated by 20 years in one day. It is reported that St. Mark's Cathedral has been flooded six times in the past 1200 years, four of which have occurred in the last two decades.