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New MacBook Pro launch time Apple releases new MacBook Pro

New MacBook Pro launch time Apple releases new MacBook Pro

Apple announced on its official website on the evening of the 13th that it will launch a new 16 inch MacBook Pro, priced at 18999 yuan, which will be available on Apple's official website and Apple Store app from the 13th. Apple shares rose 0.96% to $264.47 on Wednesday, with a total market capitalization of $1.18 trillion.

According to the information on Apple's official website, the new MacBook Pro is equipped with a 16 inch retinal display, up to a new generation of graphics processor with 8-core processor, 64GB memory and 8GB video memory, and adopts a new heat dissipation design.

In addition to the changes in screen size, the new MacBook Pro has also made corresponding improvements in keyboard, camera, etc. it is equipped with a built-in smart control keyboard, which is a scissor structure with a key range of 1mm. In addition, the new MacBook Pro is equipped with a six speaker sound system and a longer battery life.

In terms of heat dissipation, apple said that the new 16 inch MacBook Pro adopts the most advanced heat dissipation architecture of MAC laptop so far. The fan impeller is larger and the fan blade is longer. With larger vents, the air flow is increased by 28% and the radiator is also increased by 35%.

"Our professional users say they want the next MacBook Pro to have a larger display, fast performance, the largest possible battery, an excellent laptop keyboard, amazing speakers and massive storage capacity. The 16 inch MacBook Pro not only brought all this, but also many wonderful things they didn't expect. " Tom & middot, senior director of Apple Mac and iPad product marketing; Tom Boger said.

After the release of Apple's new products, the company's shares rose 0.96% to $264.47 on Wednesday. So far this year, Apple's share price has risen by more than 70%.