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Yang Mi and Bai Yu's new drama official announced that "thank you, doctor" will start soon

On November 14, the TV series "thank you, doctor" will start soon. On November 14, the play officially announced its stars Yang idempotent and Bai Yu. It seems that the previous news on the Internet is true. It has been said that Yang Mi will make a play in the near future, and the co actor is Bai Yu, but many people don't believe it. Now it seems that the news is not groundless.

"Thank you, doctor" is adapted from Shengli's novel "ICU 48 hours", which is jointly produced by Jiaxing media, Wanda film and television, new media Chengpin, stellar gravity, etc. Zhou Yong, the screenwriter of "naked marriage era" and "spring breeze is not as good as you", and Zhang Rui, the director of "Criminal Police Captain", "Yu sin" and "operation Moscow", etc.

The story tells that the overseas doctor Xiao Yan (Yang idempotent) came to the emergency department of Tongshan hospital with the pain of losing her fiance Lin Zhiyuan. He and the doctor Baizhu (Bai Yu) used exquisite medical skills to treat one critical patient after another in the newly established EICU (emergency intensive care unit). This is the second TV play starring Yang idempotent after the eye of the storm.

What's the matter with Yang Mi and Bai Yu's new drama guanxuan

In the first release of the 'racing' version of the concept poster, doctors Xiao Yan (Yang Mi) and Baizhu (Bai Yu) appeared for the first time. They ran forward in their doctor's uniforms. The poster shows the high tension of medical staff in competing with life and death in the process of saving patients' lives from a dynamic visual style and a top-down perspective, At the same time, I would like to pay tribute to the countless excellent medical staff represented by Xiao Yan and Atractylodes macrocephala.

At present, more information about the play has not been released to the outside world, but this is also the first time Yang Mi and Bai Yu have cooperated. I don't know what kind of spark they will have in the play?