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20000 bottles sold for 1499 yuan, 800000 people killed Maotai tmall "double 11" and intercepted 2.2

(original title: 800000 people 'second kill' 20000 cheap bottles of Maotai tmall 'double 11' intercepted 2.2 billion malicious attacks throughout the day)

Alibaba announced the "double 11" security risk control data on November 13. Within 24 hours, the whole link protected 38.8 billion user operations.

This is the unknown side of tmall's double 11. In 24 hours, more than 3000 security experts and the security AI system constructed by 1258 algorithm models, hundreds of prevention and control points and thousands of business strategies are preventing and controlling network black and gray products such as wool party.

At 13:00 on November 11, tmall supermarket launched 20000 bottles of flying Maotai with a price of 1499 yuan, which was robbed by consumers in one second.

"During this period, 20000 bottles of Maotai were released, but more than 800000 orders poured in instantly. The ratio of suspected scalpers to real consumers determined by risk control brain is about 3:1." Ali security risk control experts revealed that if the ability to identify and intercept scalpers is not enough, consumers are not the opponent of scalpers who use machines to grab goods at all.

Did you get it? " Double 11 '150000 bottles of Feitian Maotai online second light, with an online price difference of more than 1000 yuan

Finally, the real-time data of risk control brain shows that the interception rate of scalpers' orders exceeds 99% - even if scalpers break through the first line of defense, they will be completely eliminated in the second screening.

'when the gate is opened and the flow flows in, ensure that all the flow is consumers rather than wool parties; Businesses should give profits and platform concessions to ensure that red envelopes and coupons are actually sent to consumers. " Zheng Junfang, chief risk officer of Alibaba group, said.

Risk control brain is Ali's security technology + security strategy central system. It is reported that in the 24 hours of double 11, this system has intercepted 2.2 billion network malicious attacks. In the 24 hours of tmall double 11, 38.8 billion user operations have been generated, and each order has to undergo more than 100 safety tests in 0.01 seconds.

Alibaba security also opened the security risk control service capability to businesses throughout the network for the first time during the double 11. Through the business environment enabling tool 'business insurance', all businesses participating in the promotion can enjoy quality improvement tools, malicious order prevention and control and other services, and free compliance testing covers 10 million discounted commodities.

During tmall's double 11, more than 100000 live rooms on Taobao started broadcasting at the same time. When the anchors were busy promoting products in the lens, a female anchor suddenly cried in the live broadcast. Originally, due to the suspected sale of fake goods by the platform, the anchor's Taobao store and the goods sold were handled on the spot during the live broadcast.

"Compared with the record breaking transaction volume of tmall's double 11, the business innovation and technological change behind the number obviously deserve more attention." Zhu Wei, deputy director of the communication law research center of China University of political science and law, said that the digital economic governance system built through technological empowerment and joint governance of all parties is the security cornerstone of all commercial and technological innovation forces.