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Playing mobile phones increases the risk of depression. Playing mobile phones should also ensure sle

[playing mobile phones increases the risk of depression] according to Korean media reports, the results of a South Korean study show that people who habitually delay sleep because of playing mobile phones are not only prone to insomnia, but also increase the risk of mental diseases such as depression.

Recently, the research team of Xu Xiuyan, a professor of psychology at Chengxin women's University in Korea, found that the more people often delay their sleep time, the more likely they are to suffer from depression, anxiety and insomnia, revealing the relationship between delaying sleep time and sleep and mental and psychological problems. The results were also published in sleep, an international academic journal in the field of sleep.

The research team carefully analyzed the sleep habits and 24-hour living habits of 106 adults aged 20 to 30. The results showed that people who habitually delayed sleeping time spent about 4.5 times more time using their mobile phone three hours before going to bed than those who were not used to delaying sleeping time. In addition, those who delayed sleep were about 25% more likely to be depressed and 14% more likely to be anxious than those who did not. 81.5% of the people who delayed sleep belonged to the high-risk group of insomnia.

As smart products such as mobile phones have penetrated into people's daily life, people's living habits have gradually changed. The number of people watching videos or playing games before going to bed suddenly increases, so they also go to bed later than usual. When such behavior becomes a habit, it will cause chronic lack of sleep and decline in sleep quality.

Professor Xu Xiuyan said that habitually delaying sleep time will not only lead to sleep disorders, but also lead to psychological problems and a sharp decline in the quality of life. Even if people need to watch videos on their mobile phones to relax, they should also ensure sleep within a certain period of time, which is very important not only for children, but also for adults.