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The 20-year-old gymnast died, and the treatment of spinal injury caused by falling off the uneven ba

Original title: a 20-year-old college student fell off the uneven bars during gymnastics training and died of spinal injury

A 20-year-old female college student in Connecticut fell off the uneven bars during gymnastics training, resulting in spinal injury. She died after ineffective treatment on November 11.

Melanie & middot; Koman

According to the daily mail of November 11, 20-year-old Melanie & middot; Coleman fell off the uneven bars during gymnastics training at South Connecticut State University, resulting in spinal injury, ineffective treatment and death. It is said that she has carried out this training thousands of times, but this time she accidentally had an accident. Melanie's coach told the Hartford news: 'it was an accident and we are very sad.'

Melanie life photos

University President Joe middot; Bertolino said the student's death was very regrettable. Melanie was Jonathan & middot of Milford, Connecticut; A gymnast in a high school. Among her brothers and sisters, she is the third girl to take part in the gymnastics.

By the afternoon of November 11, a fund-raising activity for Melanie's funeral had raised more than 31000 US dollars (about 217000 yuan). Organizer Anna & middot; Andreich wrote on November 10: 'Melanie has gained the wings of an angel tonight. Now she will give her life to others. Please continue to pray for the Melanie family. They have lost their relatives. "

On Monday, Jay middot, sports director of Connecticut State University; Moran expressed her condolences to Melanie. Moran wrote: 'her death is very sad for the coach and teammates, and we hope to support them in this very difficult period.'

Melanie's coach Mary & middot; Fredericks also issued a statement saying: "Melanie's death made us sad and shocked us." She trains very hard and is very sweet. At this time, we continue to convey our thoughts and prayers to her family. Our gymnastics team will miss her very much. "