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The driver sued didi for the whole story of Didi's number sealing event

The driver sued didi for the whole story of Didi's number sealing event

According to the news, now a master in Shenzhen, Guangdong saw the advertisement of "running didi without a car" and signed a contract to become a didi driver at the event held by didi travel company, but now the driver sued didi for its title. What's going on?

After working as a didi driver for three months, master Lin's account is suddenly banned by Didi. The reason is that master Lin can't believe it. For this matter, master Lin has caused great losses. At present, master Lin has sued didi company and a company to the court and won a compensation of 10000 yuan!

According to the case data, the court of first instance found that on March 16, 2018, master Lin signed a financial leasing contract with a company, which agreed that master Lin would rent a car for online car Hailing operation for 36 months, with a down payment of 1 yuan and a monthly rent of 5092 yuan. Master Lin paid a guarantee to a company, which was also mentioned in the contract, The deposit shall be returned within 3 working days after deducting the arrears of master Lin at the expiration of the lease; If master Lin fails to pay the monthly rent and other expenses payable as agreed in the contract, the company has the right to terminate the contract in advance, control and recover the vehicle and require master Lin to pay liquidated damages.

Didi company banned master Lin's online car Hailing account on the ground that master Lin did not provide relevant materials as required. After the account was closed, master Lin failed to communicate with didi company about the unsealing. A company asked master Lin to bear the responsibility for arrears of rent and overdue liquidated damages after the account was closed.

The court of second instance held that the notarization time of the platform user rules and express service cooperation agreement submitted by didi was after master Lin's registration, which could not fully prove that the version confirmed by clicking on master Lin's registration was the notarized version, which was not supported by the court. Master Lin claimed that his loss was the normal income from the date of the seal to the date of returning the car. The court held that the daily income of 625 yuan claimed by him should also deduct the cost of oil and so on; After the title of didi company, master Lin should also actively look for new job opportunities to reduce the expansion of losses.

In view of the fact that master Lin leased vehicles and put them into operation based on his trust in didi company, the court decided that the loss of master Lin caused by the cancellation of didi company's account was 10000 yuan, and didi company should compensate. In August 2019, Shenzhen intermediate people's court revoked the judgment of first instance, ordered didi company to compensate master Lin 10000 yuan, and rejected master Lin's other claims.