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Two instructors of Yuzhang Academy were suspected of "illegal detention"

The case of "Yuzhang academy" in Jiangxi Province, which has been silent for more than a year, has aroused concern again because many informants said they had been retaliated and intimidated. In an interview with surging, Lu Yinggang, gentle (pseudonym) and others, who had participated in reporting the 'Yuzhang Academy', said they had been intimidated and threatened.

On October 29, Wu Junbao, the head of "Yuzhang academy", spoke to the media for the first time and denied that he had retaliated against surging. He admitted that he had failed in running the school and felt guilty. In fact, the judicial investigation of the case has not been completed. Two instructors of the school involved were suspected of illegal detention, and Nanchang police transferred the case to the procuratorial organ for examination.

Wu Junbao said that the detention of students is a 'Morita therapy' for educational correction, which was questioned by the interviewed experts. At present, Qingshanhu District procuratorate has returned the case to the police for supplementary investigation. Nanchang municipal procuratorate is verifying the case, and the results will be announced to the public.