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The trump case welcome hearing was made public through live television

Original title: trump said he had no time to watch the impeachment hearing. The White House approved the impeachment investigation as "false, boring and waste of money"

On November 13 local time, the first hearing of the US House of Representatives on President Trump's impeachment investigation officially opened. Several diplomats attended and testified, and the whole process of the hearing was made public to the American people through live television.

At the hearing, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife Amina arrived at the White House for a meeting with trump. According to a report in the Capitol Hill, when asked about the impeachment hearing by a reporter, trump said: "this is a political persecution and a scam. I'm too busy to watch. I haven't received the briefing yet. "

During the hearing, White House press secretary Stephanie & middot; Grisham sent a tweet criticizing the impeachment investigation as' boring 'and' false ', and accusing the House Democrats of wasting taxpayer money. She believes that the Democratic Party should strive to pass the new usmca agreement.

Grisham wrote, 'this false hearing is not only boring, but also a waste of taxpayers' time and money. Congress should strive to pass the usmca agreement, fund our government and army, and strive to reduce drug prices. "

Grisham also revealed that trump had a meeting in his office since around 8 a.m. and did not watch the impeachment hearing. " He has a meeting in the president's office. He's working and doesn't look. " Grisham said she had just met with the president.

Since the hearing was held, trump has not made any comments on twitter except sharing a video refuting that the hearing was a "scam".