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Introduction to the diversity of TV series hot blooded teenagers (58 episodes)

"Hot blooded youth" is a modern hot blooded Youth Drama CO produced by iqiyi, Beijing Longtao Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd. and Linghe culture, directed by Zhu Ruibin, starring Huang Zitao and Zhang Xueying, especially Wang Jinsong and Zhang Fan, and starring Liu Yuning, Cao Xiyue, Huang Shaoqi, Zhu Jie and sun zhenchen.

Hot blooded youth Episode 1 diversity plot introduction rich brother designed to catch tomb robber Wei Chengfeng and was robbed of great credit

In 1919, China's political situation was turbulent. Imperialism colluded with warlord forces to oppress the working people. Under the influence of patriotism, aspiring young people sprouted the determination to protect their homes and defend their country. For a time, the progressive student union sprang up all over China. At that time, there was also such a group of young people growing up on the beach of Shanghai, known as the Oriental Paris & hellip& hellip;

At that time, there was a young man named Wu Qian at the bottom of the beach. He wandered in the streets and alleys since childhood. With his excellent skills and wisdom, he gathered a group of equally poor people to do some deceptive activities. However, most of his targets are those social borers who commit many injustices, and the money he gets is given to the poor people, known as the "shantytown bully", but Wu Qian prefers to be called "rich brother".

On that day, Wu Qian and his brothers designed and pretended to be the tomb robber called "third uncle" in the Jianghu. With a fake night pearl, he cheated a real cultural relic from two foreigners, plus 100 oceans and an exquisite pocket watch. The next day, he asked huabutterfly to make up himself and a frog into foreigners, and went to make a deal with the real third uncle with the cultural relics he got the night before.

When dealing with the third uncle, he was taken away blindfolded. No one was allowed to inspect the goods at the place of the transaction. Wu Qian was familiar with this because he cheated the two foreigners. Therefore, he was very calm when facing the third uncle. Just as the deal was about to be concluded, Wu Qian's fake beard fell off and was half pulled. The third uncle recognized him as the silent disciple of the tomb robber beishuai. He immediately turned his face and wanted to fight him. At this time, the small patrol guard who had been secretly following Wu Qian and ambushed outside the door broke in with a gun, while the other two secretly set off firecrackers outside, pretending to be gunshots, threatening the people in the house.

The third uncle was frightened and begged for mercy. Wu Qian pretended to be a handout and angrily stopped in front of Wei Chengfeng's muzzle. He asked the third uncle to go quickly. At the same time, with the sound of gunfire outside, he secretly pierced the bag with 'blood' in his chest, pretended to be shot and fell to the ground. Seeing this, the third uncle was so frightened that he knelt down and begged for mercy. Wei Chengfeng called in two people outside, tied him up and took him back to the police station.

Everyone was surprised to see that such a famous tomb robber was caught by a small patrol like Wei Chengfeng. When Li Lu, who was also an unofficial patrol, saw that he had made such a great contribution, his eyes were red with envy. They hurriedly came up and tricked Wei Chengfeng into giving his third uncle to him. They went to ask the director for help together.

Wei Chengfeng, who had just been on duty for more than a month, was still an unofficial patrolman. He didn't know the twists and turns in the patrolling room. He went upstairs with Li Lu honestly. Unexpectedly, when he saw the director, Li Lu rushed to say that he had caught the third uncle. Wei Chengfeng just helped tie him up. Wei Chengfeng saw it. He was very anxious on one side, but he couldn't say a word because of his stupid mouth and bad cheeks, The director saw something fishy, stopped Li Lu's words and asked Wei Chengfeng to talk about the process. Wei Chengfeng was secretly threatened by Li Lu and another patrol who obviously wore a pair of trousers with Li Lu on one side, so he didn't dare to tell the truth. He had to admit Li Lu's words wrongly. The director immediately decided to turn Li Lu into a regular next month. Thinking of his good friend Wu Qian's great trouble in order to help him become a regular, he played a big play. With a fake gun, he caught the third uncle without blood. In the end, he fell short and was intercepted by Li Lu. Wei Chengfeng was angry and anxious, but there was nothing he could do.

On the other hand, Wu Qian distributed the money he made this time to his brothers. Wei Chengfeng's share was handed over to the old woman who didn't know much. With only a little living expenses left, he went home. As soon as he got home, he saw a beautiful woman sitting at home. She saw that she was a man in the dust. Wu Qian didn't know. Therefore, the woman said that she came to repay the debt owed by Wu fatian, Wu Qian's father, in his restaurant. She could not help saying that she robbed Wu Qian of his few remaining oceans from his pocket and sold him a message: his sister Wu Xiaoxiao was fighting with a Ping, a single knife killer of the machete gang in the back street. Wu Qian heard the speech, rushed over recklessly, beat away a ping and took her sister home.

As soon as they got home, they found that there were two strong men standing outside their house. They recognized that they were from the machete gang. They knew that it was the machete gang who came to find a place for ah Ping. As soon as he took his sister and wanted to escape, he was surrounded by a gang of people. As a squatter bully, Wu Qian knew the truth that heroes don't suffer losses at present. When he came home, he knelt before sister Na, the eldest brother of the machete Gang, and cried for forgiveness. Sister Na felt that the flexible boy in front of her was really a talent. She wanted to recruit him into her machete Gang, but she was declined by Wu Qian. Sister Na was very unhappy and threatened to come to him. Then she took people and left.

The annual Wanshu competition on Shanghai beach is about to begin again. He Hongyi, a patriotic and progressive female student, found that the competition is ostensibly under the banner of excavating capable people. In fact, it is to search for the wealth of the people and help the rotten meat of the national government to collect money. In previous years, there have been some missing cases, but they have not been reported, and it seems to be related to foreigners. She intuitively feels that there must be something fishy in it, He reported to his teacher sang Jieqiao. Sang Jieqiao said he would pay attention and advised her that in this troubled world, we must first learn to protect ourselves and make progress in stability.

Wu Qian dealt with sister Na of the machete Gang, and took his sister to Dong dahammer's medicine shop to straighten her bone and take the wound medicine. He hurried to Xinguang cinema to pick up Huahua butterfly from work. In the theater, Wu Qian happened to meet he Hongyi. He Hongyi saw that he was sneaky, so he chased him and fought with him. He Hongyi didn't give up until Wu Qian found huabutterfly and proved that he was really looking for someone.

After returning home, Wu Qian also sat down to drink with Wei Chengfeng. Wei Chengfeng was embarrassed to tell the truth and had to drink and eat. At this time, their brother Bai Mao came back with his face hurt by being beaten. Wu Qian was surprised.

Hot blooded youth Episode 2 diversity plot introduction grandma Wei is ill and in hospital in urgent need of medicine to raise money. Wu Qian participates in the Wanshu competition

Bai Mao pulled rickshaws for people in the street. Because the boss wanted to raise the rent of rickshaws, he was angry. He argued with people for a few words, and then he was beaten back by the other party. Wu Qian was most loyal and could not see that his brother was wronged. He immediately took out the only pieces of ocean in his pocket and gave it to Bai Mao to buy a new rickshaw. Bai Mao was embarrassed to accept such a great favor from him, but he accepted it when Wu Qian insisted.

When Wu Qian and his family were eating, they heard something moving downstairs and asked Bai Mao to stay and take care of grandma Wei. The others crept downstairs to check. They found that Wu Qian's father, Wu fatian, came back to steal money. Wu Qian's brothers and sisters were very angry and almost fought with his father. At this time, Bai Mao hurried downstairs and said that grandma Wei drank all the wine. Now she fainted. Everyone was shocked and took her to the hospital. After some examination, the doctor told them that grandma Wei was suffering from myocardial infarction, and the follow-up drugs and treatment must keep up. When Wei Chengfeng heard the speech, his heart was very heavy.

He Hongyi mobilized the students, organized a student parade, distributed leaflets everywhere, and revealed the true face of the organizers of the Wanshu competition. For a time, the matter was widely spread on the beach.

On that day, he Zhihong, the behind the scenes organizer of the Wanshu competition, made an appointment with Qian Baitie to have dinner with foreigners Mars and Germain to discuss this year's competition. Mars took out the leaflets he got and showed them to the public. Germain also proposed that this year's competition might as well change a new pattern, bet on his own people, and give himself another 10 boxes of arms and Mars 20 boxes of opium. He Zhihong was interested in hearing the speech and decided to bet on the shantytown land of Xinzha Road on the spot. Qian Baitie, who had been silent, finally proposed to bet his Xinguang theater as a bet.

Just after Qian Baitie went back and wrote the contract to seal, sang Jieqiao visited. He saw the contract on the table and urged Qian Baitie not to fool around like he Zhihong. Qian Baitie looked at him, but he still stamped it. Sang Jieqiao was unspeakably disappointed, not only because once Qian Baitie lost his bet, his Spiegel society would have no venue to perform, It is also a deep disappointment for Qian Baitie.

He Hongyi and they were chased and killed by he Zhihong's people. Sang Jieqiao knew that it was he Hongyi's idea, criticized her severely, and told her the middle game of the Wanshu competition. In order to prevent the warlords from losing China's land, sang Jieqiao decided to let he Hongyi participate in the competition and strive to win the competition. He Hongyi agreed.

At the same time, Wei Chengfeng was worried about grandma's medical expenses. Wu Qian tried their best to help, but the money was still a lot worse. Helpless, Wei Chengfeng decided to participate in the Wanshu competition and earn a reward to treat grandma. Wu Qian knew that the competition was a hoax and tried to persuade Wei Chengfeng to give up the plan, but Wei Chengfeng was determined to participate. Wu Qian, who could not raise money, had no way for a moment, so he changed his mind and decided to have a try. However, grandma Wei paid medical expenses with all his money, so he couldn't afford to sign up, so he turned his head, A billboard was set up in the street, saying that this was the second registration office for the Wanshu competition. Wu Xiaoxiao and Bai Mao acted together and cheated the applicants. Soon, Wu Qian collected a lot of registration fees in his box.

At this time, he Hongyi happened to sign up. When he saw Wu Qian, he exposed his scam on the spot. In order to get away, Wu Qian had to spill the registration fees he had just received in the street. While everyone was looting, he quickly slipped away. Well, he Hongyi disturbed the game. Wu Qian was very angry, so he chased her and stole her wallet. After he Hongyi found out, she felt worse about Wu Qian. It happened that Wei Chengfeng came and asked Wei Chengfeng to help her recover her wallet. Wei Chengfeng didn't want to be described by he Hongyi as a nest of swindlers, snakes and mice, and he didn't approve of Wu Qian's cheating, so he grabbed the wallet and gave it to he Hongyi.

In order to get the registration fee, Wu Qian had to steal money from the street again and finally qualified for the competition. On the day of the competition, after entering the scene, the host Mr. Huang announced the rules of the competition: the whole competition is divided into three rounds, and each stage has different rules of the game. The winner enters the next round, the loser is eliminated and finally selected