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The special ticket of flying pig was regretted, and the special ticket could not be issued, and the

[regret for flying pig special ticket] during the "double 11" promotion, many consumers encountered the situation that they could not get the "special ticket" but were asked to refund the ticket.

According to the travel information providing platform 'travel radar', in the early morning of November 11, on the flying pig, Alibaba's travel platform, within two minutes after the official start of the "double 11" rush purchase, due to the system error of the agent "Yuanda international air service", about 5000 "special ticket" orders of All Nippon Airways have been sold at the wrong price.

In the early morning of November 13, the flying pig responded to the surging news that 'the flying pig platform has been verified by the traces left in the background, and it is confirmed that the merchant is indeed caused by operational errors. There was a serious operational error in the price launch by the staff of the merchant, and the discount of air ticket commodities was directly reduced by 88% from the original 88% to the wrong investment. We are actively communicating with businesses, trying our best to deal with this matter, contacting users in various ways and communicating follow-up matters. "

The price difference of air tickets during the long Spring Festival holiday is even greater. According to the round-trip ticket prices from Shanghai to Tokyo from January 26 to January 31, the ticket price snatched within two minutes of the 'bug' of Yuanda international air service on the flying pig platform is only about 1300 yuan, and now the purchase price is from 6000 yuan.

'travel security 'rules are in vain?

It is understood that these 'special tickets' have been questioned because of their delay in issuing tickets. Since then, businesses asked consumers to refund tickets at full price and compensate 500 yuan for each order. In this regard, consumers have said they' don't buy '. Under the manuscript released by the official wechat of travel radar, some consumers left messages saying they 'disagree with the compensation of 500 yuan', and also said they 'resolutely complain to the end'.

How many times did the ticket price double before and after 'two minutes'

Take the round trip from Shanghai to Tokyo after the Spring Festival in 2020 as an example. From February 7 to February 13, the total price of economy class tickets including tax is less than 900 yuan (RMB, the same below).

It is understood that the 'bug' recovered quickly after two minutes. Since then, the tickets purchased by consumers on flying pigs are normal promotion prices. Surging news on November 12, the search for Flying Pig found that the cheapest price of the combination is more than 2000 yuan, and the most expensive price is about 3500 yuan.

Surging news access to Sina's consumer service platform 'black cat complaint' found that there are many complaints about the 'bug' ticket, most of which are aimed at flying pig customer service. Some netizens have initiated collective complaints. As of press time, the number of collective complaints has reached 267, with a collective settlement rate of 0.37%.

It is understood that according to the "travel guarantee" rules of flying pig, if the buyer cannot travel according to the order due to business reasons, the business shall bear the ticket price difference and other direct losses, and pay a penalty of 500 yuan per order. The complaining consumers agreed that the agent did not issue a ticket, but the flying pig did not perform the explicit compensation regulations, and the after-sales service was insufficient, which was suspected of fraud and false publicity.

In addition, many consumers believe that if the full price ticket is refunded, the special tickets they wanted to grab in the early morning have already been sold out, the ticket price has also doubled, and the refund price and 500 yuan compensation can not make up the difference at all.

On the black cat complaint platform, an anonymous consumer said that Yuanda international customer service explained in its response, 'due to the mistakes of the company's employees, there are serious technical problems in the ticket price. Due to the huge number and amount of orders, we have to cancel all abnormal quotations, And give consumers an experience compensation of 500 yuan per order.

In response to the explanation, the anonymous consumer said, 'if you have a problem and need me to pay, who will pay for my loss? At the same time, the travel guarantee on the flying pig is made to show who? "

Is the "double 11" big promotion of buying special tickets equal to "collecting wool"?

Some people related to the flying pig platform believe that the incident is similar to the 'wool collection' incident of's' guoxiaoyun flagship store '.

Previously, the surging News reported that's' guoxiaoyun flagship store 'mistakenly wrote the price of navel orange as' 26 yuan 4500 kg', which was suspected to be targeted by the 'wool Party' of the video website BiliBili (station B for short), and was' picked up 'an order of nearly 7 million yuan in a short time. A few days later, the 'guoxiaoyun flagship store' incident attracted attention and was' protected 'by Taobao. At the same time, station B said that the accounts of bloggers suspected of participating in guiding' wool collection 'had been banned.

For this' comparison ', consumers who bought' special tickets' this time did not agree.

Some consumers said that, on the one hand, customers who have lost their tickets are not "taking the initiative" to "collect wool", but waiting to buy normal promotional tickets; Secondly, the guests themselves suffered economic losses, because if they had no choice but to be refunded, the compensation of 500 yuan could not make up for the difference in ticket prices. For consumers who buy navel oranges by "collecting wool", they would not suffer such economic losses even if they could not buy navel oranges.

Another message pointed out that the flying pig preheated the promotion of All Nippon Airways in advance and took place on the day of the "double 11" promotion, which is essentially different from the "wool collection" event of "guoxiaoyun flagship store". The message suggests safeguarding rights to the end.

Public information shows that the main body of 'Yuanda international air service' company is Jilin Yuanda International Business Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuanda travel agency).

According to tianyancha, a business information platform of surging news, the company was founded in 2002 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jilin travel world network technology Co., Ltd., a company listed in the National SME share transfer system (commonly known as the "new third board"), but the ultimate beneficiary of the company is the legal representative Zhang Yunsong, In the meantime, it holds 69.65% equity of Yuanda travel agency.

Tianyancha information shows that Yuanda travel agency has a very wide business scope, including entry-exit and domestic tourism business; Air passenger transport sales agency business for international routes or routes in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In addition to air passenger transport sales agency business for routes in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, domestic routes also have car rental, conference and exhibition, advertising, etc.

It is worth mentioning that in March this year, Yuanda travel agency changed its business scope and added Internet technology development, technical consulting and other services; Internet information service business and conference consulting business.