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Sell women for money and reward the anchor. After selling children, the man rewards the female ancho

Original title: the biological father was prosecuted for selling women for money and rewarding female anchors

[selling women for money to reward the anchor] the man sold his daughter on the ground that he could not raise a son and a daughter, and rewarded the female anchor with most of the stolen money. Recently, the people's Procuratorate of Jin'an District, Fuzhou accepted the case of child abduction and trafficking.

The suspect, Chen Mou, who was born after his son died in 2017, was unable to bear children because of his own conception. He repeatedly asked his relatives, such as suspect Zheng and so on, to find children to be adopted. Zheng and others found Li to help find out if there were children who didn't want to raise children.

In November 2018, the suspect Lu Moumou ran away from his wife with his wife. He could not raise a child or a daughter on his own, and sold his daughter to others. At the beginning of 2019, introduced by Li and Zheng, Chen and his wife Wu, who were eager for children, rushed to the gate of a restaurant in Putian to contact Li, Lu and Zheng. After seeing the videos and photos of the victims, they were quite satisfied with the basic situation of the victims and indicated on the spot that they wanted to adopt the victims. Both parties agreed to take the victim to the hospital for physical examination to confirm their health. In February 2019, after confirming that the victim was in good health, Mr. and Mrs. Chen drove to Putian City, Fujian Province to adopt the victim in the name of paying 80000 yuan 'nutrition fee' to the victim's father Lu. The buyer and the seller signed relevant agreements and other materials on the spot. After being sold by the girl's father, Lu Mou sold the victim's 80 thousand yuan stolen money to most of the Kwai live broadcast platform.

In May 2019, suspect Chen carried a birth medical certificate to the Yuefeng police station of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau to handle the birth declaration. In the process of handling the birth declaration for him, the police found that the birth certificate provided by him was forged, and immediately summoned him to Yuefeng police station of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau for examination.

At present, the people's Procuratorate of Jin'an District has prosecuted Lu and others on suspicion of the crime of abducting and trafficking in children.