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Why did emperor he Huating hate the prince? Who is the final crown prince of Hezhe Huating?

Recently, the TV series "he zhe Hua Ting", starring Luo Jin, Li Yitong, Huang Zhizhong, Zhang Zhijian and Jin Han, is on the air. Many viewers who are chasing the play are very curious about why Xiao Dingquan, as the crown prince, is perfect, but he is not liked by the Emperor? This article brings you the reason why the emperor hates the crown prince in Hezhe Huating and who is the last crown prince in Hezhe Huating. Let's have a look.

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At the beginning of the TV series "Heyi Huating", the prince played by Luo Jin was really too weak. Although he was the prince, he was not favored at all. Many people were curious. Why did the emperor hate the prince? Since I don't like waste, isn't it? What's the meaning of tossing him all the time? In fact, the main reason is fear of the relatives behind the prince.

The TV play "heyihuating" is adapted from the novel of the same name in xuemanliangyuan. In addition to Luo Jin and Li Yitong, who are No. 1 men and women, several old dramas, such as Huang Zhizhong, Zhang Zhijian, Wang Jinsong and Liu Dekai, have joined with great efforts, which has become the biggest attraction. Judging from the broadcasting of the first two episodes of He Yi Hua Ting, the TV drama has changed greatly. The original novel still takes romance as the main line. However, the TV drama version of "He Yi Hua Ting" obviously puts power in a more important position.

As soon as it was broadcast, he Hua Ting focused on the prince played by Luo Jin, the king of Qi played by Jin Han, and the emperor played by Huang Zhizhong. Several factions fought openly and secretly. It was really a scene of fear and fear. However, many viewers also said on the bullet screen that they could not understand the beginning of the crane Pavilion, especially the relationship between the emperor and the crown prince.

Every audience can see that the emperor played by Huang Zhizhong doesn't like Prince Xiao Dingquan played by Luo Jin. Then the question is naturally obvious: since you don't like him, replace him. Why make him prince? Since he was made crown prince, why did he make trouble again and again? Why bother him? In fact, this is the whole play of Heyi Huating, and it is also the core of the original novel. The emperor does not dislike Prince Xiao Dingquan, but the strength of his relatives behind Xiao Dingquan.

Xiao Dingquan's mother is the empress Gu. The Gu family was a large family of relatives who were in power at this time. The emperor had long intended to eradicate Gu family, but he had to be careful because he threw a rat's deterrent. The reason why Xiao Dingquan's mother is the queen and Xiao Dingquan is the prince is entirely because of Gu's strength. For example, in the play, Xiao Dingquan's uncle, Gu Silin, played by Liu Dekai, is an important courtier in charge of the army. From the perspective of the Emperor himself, he is naturally unwilling to raise tigers for a long time.

Therefore, the reason why the emperor doesn't like the crown prince and makes difficulties everywhere in the play "Heyi Huating" is that he intends to abolish the crown prince and establish the king of Qi completely because he wants to eradicate Gu's power. The reason why we can't directly abolish the crown prince and establish the king of Qi is that Gu's strength is still strong.

Who is the last Prince of Hezhe Huating

Xiao Dingliang.

In the original novel, Xiao Dingliang, the last little princess, became the crown prince. Because Xiao Dingquan died, I felt that this character felt a little like Liu Yaren in the Korean film mourning. As a crown prince, he was not loved by his father, and finally got a tragic ending. Even if you don't die, you will be abandoned in the end.

Original novel content:

Xiao Dingquan was escorted back to the capital to be banned. The Emperor didn't want him to die. He just wanted to be banned for life. Unexpectedly, he committed suicide. Xiao Dingliang, the little princess, became the prince. It is estimated that this character has not been online yet.