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Yang Mi Bai Yu's new drama official announced that Yang Mi Bai Yu co starred. Thank you, doctor

The medical emotional care drama "thank you, doctor" today released the concept poster of the 'racing' version and officially announced that the popular actress Yang Mi and the powerful actor Bai Yu will play the heroine doctor Xiao Yan and the hero doctor Atractylodes.

The TV series "thank you, doctor" is adapted from the novel "icu48 hours" by Sheng Li, the contracted author of the star plan. It is jointly produced by Jiaxing media, Wanda film, new media products, star gravity and the population and cultural development center of the National Health Commission. Jiaxing media is the exclusive producer. Gao Chen is the chief producer, Zhou Yong is the screenwriter and Zhang Rui is the director.

In the first release of the 'racing' version of the concept poster, doctors Xiao Yan (Yang Mi) and Baizhu (Bai Yu) appeared for the first time. They ran forward in their doctor's uniforms. The poster shows the high tension of medical staff in competing with life and death in the process of saving patients' lives from a dynamic visual style and a top-down perspective, At the same time, I would like to pay tribute to the countless excellent medical staff represented by Xiao Yan and Atractylodes macrocephala.

The medical emotional care drama "thank you, doctor" is the chief producer of "golden producer" Gao Chen, who has created popular works such as "three lives, three generations and ten miles of peach blossom" and "Dear translator". His production concept of "high quality, youth and empathy" will escort the drama. He has created "naked marriage era" and "too late to say I love you" Zhou Yong, a famous screenwriter of excellent plays such as, is the screenwriter of the play, which will inject warm practical power into the story content. The director of the play is Zhang Rui, who once carried out the popular quality plays "Yu sin" and "operation Moscow". He will add color to the strength of the play through his accurate grasp of the style of type works. The gold medal team will gather in good faith to show the soul stirring of contemporary excellent medical personnel in competing with life and death, and convey their warm care for life and humanity.

It is reported that the play will be officially launched in the near future. Please look forward to it.