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Wu Qingfeng was sued by his former agent. Why did Lin weizhe Sue Wu Qingfeng

According to Taiwan media reports, Wu Qingfeng, the lead singer of soda green, who flew solo after the group's break-up, held a personal concert in Kaohsiung dome for the first time on the 23rd of this month. However, according to Taiwan media news, Lin weizhe, a former broker who broke up the partnership peacefully at the end of last year, filed a complaint against him, accusing him of violating the copyright law, indicating that soda green has transferred the copyright of all songs to him, However, Wu sang openly without Lin's consent, which means that as long as Lin doesn't agree, Wu Qingfeng can't sing more than 270 songs created by himself, including "little love song". This move not only makes Wu's Kaohsiung giant egg face the crisis of no songs to sing, but also the plan of Soda Green's comeback next year may come to naught.

The reporter asked Lin weizhe to tell him that he was not afraid to tear up his apprenticeship with Wu Qingfeng for more than ten years? He also asked him if it meant that Wu Qingfeng could not sing in public without his consent? Why did soda green and Qingfeng agree to give him the creative copyright? When will the copyright contract expire? In this regard, Lin weizhe did not answer the phone, and the message was not read or returned.

On December 31 last year, Wu Qingfeng and Lin weizhe, who had been with him for 14 years, signed and announced the dissolution of the partnership. In the statement, he said that he had been like a well protected child all the way and had a dependency mentality, so he decided to be responsible for his own life. Lin weizhe also supported his brave decision. In fact, the soda green band was excavated by Lin weizhe in 2003, and its momentum soared the next year, Wu Qingfeng's excellent singing skills and creative talents have attracted the favor of heavenly kings and divas such as Eason Chan, Zhang Huimei and Jolin Tsai. Because he knew and cherished the kindness of Lin weizhe, he emotionally wrote in the contract termination statement that he was like a teacher and apprentice, a father and son, and a good friend. He thought it was a peaceful ending. Unexpectedly, the situation changed color a few months later, and the plot went downhill.

In fact, before the finals of "I'm a singer" in April this year, the program unit spread the news that Wu Qingfeng had to change songs out of the competition, but the songs had to be submitted for approval, so he couldn't change the song list. When Wu Qingfeng and Cai Yilin sang "strange and beautiful" written by him in the finals of "I'm a singer" on April 12, another song "the singer" was his own song, At that time, everyone saw that when he finally sang the praiser, his emotions broke down several times. At the end of the song, "I think I deserve to be a praiser", he burst into tears. Guitarist Jia Kai immediately hugged him. At that time, it was interpreted that Jia Kai's friendship moved him. Now, compared with the incident, he should have known the killer mace of Lin weizhe, who once regarded him as his mentor, The performance of the finals made him feel so emotional that he broke the dike. Now it seems particularly distressing.

It is understood that Lin weizhe Music Club Co., Ltd. has told the Taipei District Prosecutor's office that soda green has transferred all the copyright of songs to him, but sang publicly without the consent of him and his company. Therefore, Wu Qingfeng and Harry Kun's Carnival Co., Ltd. and Liao Bizhen, the person in charge of the company, have been informed of violating the copyright law.

After the division of the case in May this year, the Taipei District Prosecutor's office was investigated by the prosecutor of the intellectual property task force, and summoned both parties to appear in court in July and August this year, but at that time, only the lawyers of both parties appeared in court. As for Lin weizhe and Wu Qingfeng, they did not appear in court. At present, the whole case is still being investigated by the Beijing prosecutor's office, and the case number is still his case.

Is Wu Qingfeng's Kaohsiung giant egg performance and mood affected? The limitation of contract for the copyright of lyrics and songs? Wu's record company Universal Music only said: the two ended their cooperation on December 31 last year and issued a joint statement. It should be a misunderstanding. I hope we can clarify the misunderstanding quickly.