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How much is the price of gold in the old temple? List of gold prices in Laomiao on November 14

How much is a gram of Laomiao gold quoted today? How much is the price of gold in the old temple on November 14? Let's help you sort out today's offer of old temple gold. Let's have a look

Old temple gold

At present, the company has gold, platinum, Diamond Corp, platinum, international trading companies, cultural gifts companies, precious metals refining companies, jewelry research and testing centers, diamond processing centers, as well as Town God's Temple general store, diamond house, Nanjing road silver tower, and 62 chain stores and sales outlets throughout Shanghai City and suburban counties. There are more than 200 national monopoly points. There are nearly 1000 employees.

In 2001, the company established Laomiao Gold International Trade Co., Ltd. to meet the needs of WTO and actively participate in diamond international trade. At the same time, Laomiao gold is the first group of members of the newly established gold exchange.

The company has developed into one of the few large enterprises integrating commerce, industry and science and technology in China. Especially in the Gold retail industry, the leading position of the company is undoubtedly established, and the market share is expanding year by year. The sales volume was 930 million yuan in 2000 and 1.3 billion yuan in 2001.