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What is the story of Siam code? Siam code plot introduction and cast

Recently, the Siam code, an online TV drama with detective, suspense and comedy themes, has been broadcast on Tencent TV. This suspense drama, which gathers the bones of TVB's old drama, has attracted the attention of many netizens. The drama takes the story as the main selling point, combines the current hot criminal reasoning elements, has careful logic and suspense, and is thrilling and ingenious in the plot setting. So who are the stars of the Siam code? What is the main story? This article brings you the plot introduction and cast introduction of Siam code. Let's have a look.

Introduction to Siam code plot

The Siam code is a suspense reasoning play with clear logic and clear organization. It is a very brain burning TV play. According to Director Wang Kai, the script was personally created by the front-line screenwriter team. It has been prepared for nearly two years and has been easy to draft more than 60 times, just to present a work of "zero logical error".

The drama mainly tells the story of three Chinese ICPO (International Criminal Police) who jointly crack down on crime with the active support and cooperation of the police of Thailand and Cambodia. In this process, with the detection of a series of bizarre cases, the dusty past of many years has been uncovered, and the stories between the protagonists are also staged one after another. Many wonderful fierce battle confrontation scenes burst the table, making many viewers full of expectations for the drama.

The Siam code of exotic archives focuses on the golden triangle of armed separatism and drug lords at the border between Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. The criminal master (Xie Binbin) was offered a high reward by the drug lords in summer. Interpol then pursued the murderers across the country. The fighting between the police and the bandits continued and the fierce battle escalated. One after another 'fierce battle' scenes with real guns make people feel shocked and enjoyable after watching them.

It is reported that in order to give the audience the best audio-visual experience and create a 'film level' suspense blockbuster, the film side invited the famous Hong Kong director Liu Zhenwei as the director system, and the main creative team is also a film level configuration. The budget investment of the Siam code of foreign archives is almost several times or even dozens of times that of the traditional online drama. It does not hesitate to 'burn money' to create all kinds of big scenes and big scenes to set off the plot atmosphere and audio-visual experience. In the post production, we strive to ensure that each frame of the drama is produced according to the equipment and specifications of the cinema film.

Siam code cast

The Siam code of exotic archives focuses on the golden triangle of armed separatism and drug lords at the border between Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. In the summer, the master criminals are offered high rewards by the drug lords. Interpol then pursues the criminals across the country. The police and bandits fight for life and death. One real gun "fierce battle" after another, complex story clues and heart wrenching fighting scenes make people's adrenaline soar, It can be called the online drama version of Mekong operation.

The play was supervised by the famous Hong Kong director Liu Zhenwei and directed by the young director Wang Kai. In terms of actor allocation, the hero is led by Xie Binbin, a little fresh meat from the post-95 generation. Previously, he has starred in works such as "different beautiful man II" and "struggle, youth!" and has attracted countless fans. This time, Xie Binbin plays a high IQ criminal master wandering between good and evil, and is also an undercover criminal policeman; The heroine Wang Yang had a wonderful performance in the second season of dog seven and spicy deformation plan, which was impressive. In the Siam code, Wang Yang plays an intelligent and capable Interpol who hates evil and has a different spark of love with the hero

In addition, the four gold medal dramas of TVB in Hong Kong, Luo Dahua, Xu Shaoxiong, Zeng Jiang and Luo Yingjun, as well as the Thai film emperor vitaya & middot of Shanghai International Film Festival; Panslingham also made great efforts to help. The joining of two well-known actresses, Martin and Hong Shi, added a beautiful scenery to the play. The exquisite acting skills of the actors have become one of the quality guarantees of the play. Surprisingly, Luo Yunxi, a super popular actor who once played Runyu in "fragrant honey sinks like frost", was also specially invited to join the play, making the star light of the play more dazzling. New and old actors are gathering together, with both popularity and strength. Such a high standard Siam code may become another hot play of the year.