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When will Lin Zhiling and her husband Akira hold the wedding

[Lin Zhiling wedding invitation] on the 14th, Lin Zhiling's wedding invitation was exposed. The cover was sealed with her and Akira hot stamping, and egg rolls and chocolate were selected as hand gifts. It is reported that the invitation was written by Lin Fu, 'the hug of love' is super sweet, and Lin Zhiling wrote behind the couple's group photo, 'we are married, hold the hand of our son and grow old with our son. I hope everyone who believes in love and you can have their own happiness'. Lin Zhiling and her husband will hold a wedding at Tainan Art Museum on November 17.

In 2011, Lin Zhiling and Akira met because they co starred in the stage play Chibi ~ love ~. Since then, they have maintained friendly friendship. At the end of 2018, the two began to communicate. On June 6, 2019, Lin Zhiling issued a document announcing her marriage to Akira.