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Poisoned Skylark arrested man poisoned Skylark to satisfy his appetite

Poison lark and be arrested! Larks, also known as larks, migrate to Jiangsu in winter and are often watched by illegal hunters. Recently, Suqian Shuyang police cracked an illegal hunting case and detained 361 skylarks.

Not long ago, the police of guandun police station in Shuyang County, Suqian received a report from the masses that someone was illegally hunting larks in the wheat field under the jurisdiction. After the police rushed to the scene, they arrested Zhang who was committing the crime on the spot.

Zhong Zhaopeng, a police officer at guandun police station of Suqian Shuyang County Public Security Bureau, said: "at about 6 a.m., Zhang went to the farmland to spread powdery mildew insects mixed with medicine, and placed four Walkman players to play bird calls and attract birds to eat insects."

Afterwards, after on-site inspection, a total of 316 bird bodies were found. After identification, the more than 300 poisoned birds were the three animals protected by the state, Skylark. According to the investigation, the suspect, Zhang Moumou, usually put poisonous food in the fields, then broadcast the form of lark's call and music, attracting larks to kill them to satisfy their appetite. Recently, the suspect Zhang Moumou has been detained by Shuyang police in criminal detention, and the case is being further investigated.