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Which dynasty is the historical background of Hezhe Huating? Brief introduction to the plot of Heyi

Recently, directed by Yang Wenjun, the ancient costume drama Heyi Huating starring Luo Jin, Li Yitong, Huang Zhizhong, Zhang Zhijian, nursery, Jin Han, Zheng Yecheng, Wang Yu, Cheng Xiaomeng, Qiu Xinzhi, Bao Dazhi, Wang Jianguo, Feng Bo and Guo Peng is on the air. Many viewers who watch historical dramas attach great importance to the era and historical background of historical dramas. What Dynasty is the historical background of Hezhe Huating? Who was the last emperor of Hezhe Huating? This article brings you a brief introduction to the historical background and plot of Hezhe Huating. Let's have a look.

Which dynasty is the historical background of Hezhe Huating

The TV play "Heyi Huating" is popular. The TV play is defined as a conspiracy play. At the beginning, people thought it was a male version of "Ruyi biography". After a few episodes, they thought it was a romantic version of "Langya list". As an ancient costume play, but the service of the whole TV play gives people a feeling of Japanese style. When was the historical background of the play? Which dynasty was Prince Xiao Dingquan from? Let's get to know Ixia.

It is understood that the original novel set the historical background in Nanqi. Nanqi is the second Dynasty in the southern and Northern Dynasties, but it has only lasted for more than 20 years in history.

The historical background of the crane Pavilion takes place in the Southern Qi Dynasty. In history, the royal family in the Southern Qi Dynasty is surnamed Xiao, which also coincides with the role setting in the crane Pavilion. However, the TV play is only a TV play after all. It is still different from the history of the real thing. The story of Hezhe Huating has no trace in the real history. Even the names of the characters in the play have been changed in order to avoid collision with history.

In fact, these stories were originally set in Heyi Huating, and there was no corresponding historical fact at all. Nanqi was the second Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty, and the emperor who opened it was Xiao Daocheng. However, Nanqi perished after only 23 years in Chinese history.

Who was the last emperor in Hezhe Huating

In the last chapter of the novel, Xiao Dingliang, the little princess, becomes the prince. As for who the emperor is, it is not mentioned in the novel. After all, the prototype is a very short-lived Dynasty. Does it matter who is the emperor?

In the original novel, Xiao Dingliang came to the palace alone and found the painting of a crane and the words of Xiao Dingquan's golden wrong knife. At this time, Po and Xiao Dingquan's children came to him, and uncle and nephew left the palace together. It is reported that Po was pregnant when Xiao Dingquan committed suicide. A Bao gave birth to a child under the care of Xiao Dingliang and others. He was named a Chen. After the child was born, Po also chose to commit suicide.

Brief introduction to the plot of Heyi Huating

In the play "Heyi Huating", Luo Jin plays crown prince Xiao Dingquan, whose mother died early and whose father doesn't care, while Jin Han plays King Xiao dingtang of Qi, who is bent on seizing the throne. As soon as the TV play began, the two brothers competing for the throne staged a plot for everyone.

Xiao dingtang, king of Qi, played by Jin Han, made a crusade, using Wu's wife who had an affair with him to frame each other in the name of 'unfilial and disloyal' by not serving Prince Xiao Dingquan when his mother died three years ago and falsely reporting military information into the palace, ignoring the Emperor's safety. This play shows Xiao dingtang's insidious cunning incisively and vividly.

But I didn't expect Luo Jin's Xiao Dingquan to be better. Xiao dingtang's plan actually failed from beginning to end. Xiao Dingquan not only changed the denunciation in the scroll, but also directed and acted a good play. He was framed and falsely accused, and the Jedi fought back. Finally, the people of Wu thought that Xiao dingtang, whom she loved, abandoned her and wanted to kill her, so they directly betrayed Xiao dingtang, King of Qi, in the court. The whole plot is reversed one after another, one ring after another, which is very exciting! The plot is really eye-catching.