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Laofengxiang gold price today Laofengxiang gold quotation on November 14

How much is Lao Fengxiang's gold a gram? Lao Fengxiang on November 14, how much is the price of gold and platinum a gram? Let's get to know Lao Fengxiang's quotation today

Lao Fengxiang

Lao Fengxiang brand has successively won all national brand honors. It has not only won the titles of China's well-known trademark, China's famous brand, China's commercial famous brand, China's commercial service famous brand and China's top 100 time-honored brands, but also been rated as China's 500 most valuable brands, Asia's top 500 brands and global jewelry top 100 by international brand authorities, Its brand value reaches 4.35 billion yuan, ranking among the best in domestic jewelry enterprises. In 2009, Lao Fengxiang's fine gold and silver craft was listed in the national intangible cultural heritage list. In 2010, Lao Fengxiang was awarded the title of the first brand of gold jewelry in China by the China Gold Association.

Shanghai Laofengxiang Co., Ltd. has long adhered to the brand development strategy and brand marketing market strategy, taking the brand as the guide, expanding the national market and improving the marketing network layout. At present, Lao Fengxiang has more than 600 silver building semicolons nationwide, total distribution in 15 regions and more than 1000 sales outlets. The great leap forward development strategy of the enterprise has achieved remarkable results. The total sales of the country has increased from 750 million yuan in 2001 to more than 14 billion yuan in 2010, which is in a leading position in the industry.