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Selina's ex husband's new love affair is exposed. The woman is 5 years younger and has been dating f

Original title: Selina's ex husband's new relationship was exposed. She had a sweet date with a 5-year-old actress. The woman revealed that she had been dating for more than half a year

According to Taiwan media reports, Yin Xin, the queen of Admiralty TV, was recently photographed on a sweet date with Zhang Chengzhong, the ex husband of Selina, a member of the women's sky group. They dressed casually and went out to dinner. One of them led Yin Xin's little niece. They went out of the street together as if they were a family of three. The picture was very warm and loving. Subsequently, the media asked the two sides for confirmation. The man Zhang Chengzhong's phone was not answered, while Yin Xin generously recognized love through her agent and revealed that the two had known each other through friends for more than half a year.

It is reported that on November 8, Taiwan media photographed Yin Xin and Zhang Chengzhong going out for a date for dinner. Yin Xin's younger brother and his family were accompanied at the dinner table. Zhang Chengzhong also helped take care of Yin Xin's little niece during the meal. When walking in the street, he led the children with Yin Xin alone. The picture was warm and ten feet~

It is reported that Zhang Chengzhong took a bus to a community that afternoon, and later drove out of the community in a black car, which is Yin Xin's car. That night, Zhang Chengzhong drove his girlfriend out and had dinner with Yin Xin's brother's family. Their relationship seems to have been supported by their family~

Afterwards, the media verified the two sides by telephone, and Zhang Chengzhong's own phone was not connected. Yin Xin, on the other hand, acknowledged her love directly through her agent. "Thank you for your concern. We met through friends. At present, we are all busy with our work and are slowly getting to know each other. Please give us some space." It is reported that Yin Xin had talked about her feelings before. She said that love depends on feeling. In the past, the objects she liked were 'mature uncle type'. Zhang Chengzhong, 46, is indeed five years older than her, which is more in line with the ideal standard in her heart~

As we all know, Zhang Chengzhong's ex-wife is Selina, a member of S.H.E. it has been more than three years since they divorced. In September this year, Zhang Chengzhong was photographed having dinner with S.H.E. Selina also shared her feelings in recent programs. She confided for the first time that she belongs to the person who can be a friend after breaking up and will maintain a friend relationship with her predecessor. It seems that even after divorce, the two sides are still good friends.

I wish the relationship between Zhang Chengzhong and Yin Xin develop smoothly. I also hope Selina can find her right one as soon as possible~