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Diana, the goddess of the moon in the League of heroes, will redo it. It is expected that version 9.

Original title: will the League of heroes make changes? Diana, the goddess of the moon, will redo and is expected to launch version 9.23

Recently, the hero League S9 global finals came to an end. Both players and officials once again focused on the game itself. Although the new hero was announced, it still didn't log in to the game, but recently, the official designer shared some changes about heroes for us. Let's have a look.

Riot Designer Black Smith announced on twitter that the remake of Diana, the goddess of the moon, will log in the test clothes after the official launch of version 9.23, and briefly explained the general changes.

Here are some information about redoing:

· Upgraded visual effects and special effects, as well as skill icons. (voice and model have not changed)

· Some adjustments have been made to passive skills and heroes as a whole.

· Exchange e skills and R skills. The new R skill has been enhanced to an ultimate skill.

In the comments, some netizens asked whether Jiao Yue's breakthrough would retain the refresh mechanism, and the designer gave a positive reply.

In addition, some netizens asked whether the change would prefer a warrior hero or an assassin. He said he was trying to make Diana's change take both into account. If he had to make a choice at that time, he would prefer the preferences of most players. However, Jiaoyue currently has three main playing methods, namely explosive flow, strong attack speed flow and half meat flow, so there should be some differences in the choice.